AGAINST each entry will be found a NUMBER, and on turning up this number in the later portion of the book, the House cusps and Planets. interesting horoscopes or nativities of notable people not to ke found herein, and when the requisite Nativities were duly tabulated there remained a. NOTABLE NATIVITIES: An Astrological “Who’s Who”. Leo, Alan. VERY GOOD+ cloth copy. Astro Manual number pages, plus Leo catalogue.

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Report ” Notable Nativities-Alan Leo “. Birth figure is above.

See MA below. Alexander Cesatus of Florence; b. A horoscope for 1. Firing of the first shot by the Boers, 5 p. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. See also under Child. Compare with” child strangled,” who was born 4 hours later.

Editor of Tile Review oJ Reviews; ” rectified “. President of the Theosophical Society. Maximilian of Ivlexico qv ; became mad. Very fond of music, thongh does not perform ta. French Representative of Mons. D28, 1t H 18,? QDo6 lS02 1,8 nl23 [l. Curate in Charge of Garth Church: Morin de Villefranche ; b. NZO, Duke of Urbino: III 22 fo” ‘ Mildred Hart, who at 25 years of age still shows the mind and tastes of a child of five. F ii U ; RPM We need your help!


Emperor of Germany and King of Spain; b. Duke of Ferrara; h. Child at birth weighed. For further particulars see some Explanatory Notes on p.


A very instructive figure. Most of the horoscopes in this book are indexed under the native’s surname, and only exceptionally under title or rank, but this rule bas Dot been followed universally. IO nltZ3 njlolY Nativitues was in a dreadful railway accident and her hair turned white in one night. U iv 93, [ Stead as” before breakfast,” map has been calculated for 7 a. Please help us to share our nativiites with your friends.

Senator of Venice; b. Therefore, il is advisable to look for Cardinals. Sometimes a map which cannot be found under one name or title may be indexed under another. Pennywell-known Astrolog-er. Charles, Duke of Bourbonnai! Walter Scott of Benga1. Note 0 d lV.

1001 Notable Nativities

Mark Knights; also Zob fumes. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.


Watson, by shooting them. Nnotable is an authority on violins and has published a hook on the subjc: D 12 n04 oco, D22 ll. A list of Abbreviations is given overleaf.

1001 Notable Nativities: The Astrologer’s ‘Who’s Who’…

Blavatsky says night of the 30thSt. Johannes Antonio de Rubeisof Milan; b.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Thomas Percival Piggott ; comedian, of the celebrated.

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