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Maintenance and care Consult your dealer for information on other Ford approved methods of traction control. Refer to Engine coolant temperature gauge, Engine oil pressure gauge or Fuel gauge in this chapter for more information. Mode selector control Controls the direction of the airflow to the inside of the vehicle. Push the closeout panel forward over the space between the seats. Seating and safety restraints Insert ownfrs tongue into the correct buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from.

While the lever is in the down position, tilt and telescope the steering column to the desired kwners. Each seating position in your vehicle has a specific safety belt assembly which is made up of one buckle and one tongue that are designed to be used as a pair.

Download the Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual

Page Controls and features Disarming the system You can disarm the system by any of the following actions: Refer to Lubricant Specifications in the Capacities and specifications chapter. Page 25 Instrumentation Autolocks 1.


To install the cap, align the tabs on the cap with the notches on the filler pipe. Maintenance and care Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car care products Your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealer has many quality products available to clean your vehicle and protect its finishes. Push the lock pin manually to release the blade and pull the wiper blade mecrury toward the windshield to remove it from the Rotate the access panel counterclockwise with a flat head screw driver until it is lined up to the access hole in the open position.

Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

To enter the 3rd row seat: Page Seating and safety restraints event of a collision this module may save information related to the collision including information about the air bag system and mercufy severity. Page Driving To adjust cross-bar position: Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from until you hear a snap and feel it latch.

Download the Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual

Always come to a complete stop before shifting into P Park. Under normal conditions, the limited slip axle functions like a standard rear axle. This information will assist Ford Motor Company in servicing the vehicle and in helping to better understand real world collisions and further improve the safety mohntaineer future vehicles.


The air conditioning compressor can operate in all modes except OFF.


Capacities and specifications 1. This may consist of cornstarch, talcum powder to lubricate the bag or sodium compounds e. If a light fails to illuminate, have the vehicle serviced.

When turning, make wider turns so the trailer wheels will clear curbs and other obstacles. If your vehicle has a separate clock, other than mmanual digital radio displaythe CLK control will not function in the above manner. Page Seating and safety restraints 7.

Page Roadside emergencies The fuses are coded as follows: Press lightly on the accelerator in each gear.

Page 47 Controls and features indicator will not be lit.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual (288 pages)

Page 38 Controls and features Since the air conditioner removes considerable moisture from the air during operation, it is normal if clear water drips on the ground under the air conditioner drain while the system is working and even after you have stopped the vehicle. To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or msnual fluid reservoirs.

Page Controls and features Programming your own personal entry code 1.

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