This article is about the rules supplement. For the campaign setting, see Neverwinter (campaign setting). The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 4th edition. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. And it’s impressed. I am interested in running this campaign and wanted to hear from I used the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book for a 4E campaign, and I.

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Neverwimter returned to Greyhawk, and despite fans calling the 3E setting book the greatest ever and I did buy the bookI remained unconvinced. I don’t want to run the Spellplague, my campaign takes place before that.

To use all the factions at once is likely to be extremely difficult. Having the rift lead to Evernight sounds like a fun option. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, A sect of the powerful aberrant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of Spellplague beneath the city.

WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM

Most of the game rules are in the character section of the book, and even that has a lot of roleplaying information for characters. Not detting, but good. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: I had a lot of success having the Chasm lead to a great vault and ruined drow city based on the city of Pedestal from 3.

Certainly we felt that way when we played in the Neverwinter Game Day and settnig one of the PCs had this ability. Despite these fairly significant changes not the only ones, BTW I still find the book really useful. He adds at-will weapon ranged attacks and encounter powers of the same sort. Subraces of dwarves and elves are also back with this book, as long-established in the Forgotten Realms. Locations of the Setting Apart from the descriptions of options available to the aetting and for their allies and opponents, the other third of the book is devoted to looking at locations in Neverwinter and the surrounding wilderness.


Monday, 5th September, Honestly their are a lot of cool things in the place.

WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM | eBay

Skip to main content. Canon doesn’t matter to me so I’ll just use or ignore whatever. Yes, this is that good. Monday, 5th September, Neverwinter makes excellent use of the Character Themes mechanics that were introduced in the Dark Sun campaign setting.

The cleric archer is suddenly a possibility, and it makes me very happy. The DM side of things is primarily looking at the various conflicts fampaign intrigues occurring in Neverwinter, and the personalities and factions who are behind that. Most everything I see is tied to the videogame walkthrough, like you said.

5E Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4e to 5e) – Page 2

Wednesday, 5th October, Originally Posted by Nebulous. Nor are all their goals completely compatible. About half of the chapter is devoted to the city, but there also sections on Neverwinter Wood, Gauntlgrym, the lost city of the dwarves.

So there would be lots of chaos and confusion in the streets, and then this big gash in the earth that “volunteers” are needed to explore. Factions and Foes Campaigb DM side of things is primarily settimg at the various conflicts and intrigues occurring in Neverwinter, and the personalities and factions who are behind that.

Tuesday, 9th August, I really enjoy high-level campaigns, but this supplement makes the heroic campaign work really well. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. But I don’t know exactly what caused it. It helps that it has glorious cover art by Ralph Horsleyand the production values throughout are excellent. I’m running a 4E Neverwinter campaign nverwinter a 5E Phandalin-centred campaign that will eventually turn into Red Settong of Doom with the siege of forgot the city’s name taking place at the walls of Neverwinter instead.


That is a fantastic idea. The fact you have to wait till 7th level EK fighter or 14th level Valor bard in 5e to do the same thing was disappointing to me. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts 4 email.

Helm’s Hold is not a sanatorium for the spellscarred IMC – it’s actually Gardmore Abbey from the 4E adventure – and I found the book still very useful. The Bladesinger is mostly a melee character, using Intelligence as their attack score, but they can cast spells through their blade. How this is handled is very unusual: The four new domains are linked to Corellon, god of archery and the elves, Oghma, god of knowledge, Selune, goddess of the moon, and Torm, god of duty.

I’ve also got another five Neverwinter campaigns sketched out. Saturday, 20th August, Goals are given for each faction, along with the stat blocks of important individuals. However, the book is relatively mechanics light.

They are at their most striking when they subvert your expectations of what to expect in 4e. Monsters haunt the lost dwarven city, while duergar dig deep beneath it and drow plot to dominate it. Results 1 to 10 of

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