Buy Parasitologie et Mycologie médicale en pratique by Camille Buffaz, Atlas De Poche Hématologie: Diagnostic Pratique Morphologique Et Clinique. FORUM ALGÉRIEN DE MÉDECINE MED-DZ: Parasitologie Pas de nouveaux messages, Resumé Cours Parasitologie atlas de poche de mycologie. Copro-parasitologie pratique. Series: Universités Subject(s): Copro- parasitologie. Year: HAR. Atlas de poche de microbiologie, ROU.

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To acquire knowledge on the nutritional composition of food, on their manufacture, their conservation and their preparation in the compliance with the rules of hygiene. Andrefanambohitrolona December 17 at 2: Knowledge and application of stoechiometric laws Elementary atlzs of the atomic structure and the chemical bond Identification of the great inorganic functions Knowledge of the nomenclature Knowledge and application of balancing methods of the equations of the chemical reactions.

Functional interaction in complex molecules: To acquire an understanding of biochemical reactions. A Visual Encyclopedia Revised Edition. A Visual Encyclopedia Revised Edition https: Andrefanambohitrolona Yesterday at To master the concept and organization of an eucaryotic cell as well as its reproduction; and to understand the rules that govern the transmission of hereditary characters.


To give the students a good understanding of the good practices of individual hygiene as well as collective. To illustrate cytological and histological concepts of the pafasitologie and anatomy courses. Children Nutrition and dietetics theory and practice.

To work out the diet recommended to the adult subject, the pregnant woman, breast feedingthe pcohe person and to justify each choice, quantity and consumption frequency. To observate and analyze the histological organization of the digestive system and to link this structure with its physiologic functions.


Command paraasitologie simple mathematical operations, with or without calculator, and of the rule of 3; command of calculations of arithmetic weighted means Basic notions on the nutrients.

Get used to laboratory instruments. Elements and simple symetry operations plane, axes and centre of symetry, reflexion symetry in a plane. Method of characterization of organic products: Systematic study of simple functions; alicyclic alkanes; alkenes, alkynes, benzenic hydrocarbures, halogen compounds, alcohols; thiols; polyols; phenols; esters; aliphatic and aromatic ;arasitologie aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acids; derived functions of acids.

Hydro Bromatologie

Laboratory of biomedical application physics. Symbols of chemical elements. Basics of general chemistry. To prepare the students with the comprehension of ds phenomena met in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. Culinary technique theory and practice. Mechanics kinematics, dynamics, energy and conservation rules Thermometry Calorimetry State changes Osmosis Thermodynamics Physics applied to human metabolism.

The Higher Education Institution disclaims any responsibility with regard to its content. Basic notions of mathematics. To acquire the specific vocabulary of human anatomy and physiology; to know the organization of the different systems and their functioning. Basic notions on nutrients. J’aime raha nahaliana anao. Jacques Lanore, Connaissance des aliments, E.

Les nouvelles techniques en parasitologie (2° Éd°Tir.) GOLVAN

Electronic effects reactional mechanisms; energetic, kinetic, electronic and geometrical aspects of reactions. To bring the elements which will make it possible to criticize and to relativize the methods used and the results obtained with the help of specialized laboratories parzsitologie to judge the apparatuses which the firms offer.


For each theme, students prepare a complete meal: Basic notions of general and organic chemistry.

Nutritional contributions advised for the French population. La reproduction chez le cheval: It is useless to remind the fundamental role played by the statistics in sciences to analyze sample of data or to elaborate plans of experiments.

: Mycologie – Sciences de la vie – Biologie – Génétique: Livres

Download Chapitre infections alimentaires d’origine pochr pdf. Reece, Biologie, Pearson education, Laboratory of organic chemistry. To contribute to the scientific training which provides the bases of the comprehension of the matters approached in the following years. The principal systems with anatomical description and physiological study Digestive system Nervous system Endocrine system Cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and blood Respiratory system Urinary system.

Cellular and tissue organization. Ellipses, Wonnacott T.

Copro-parasitologie pratique

To understand the risks of some behaviours or habits for health. Lavoisier, Manuel pratique de nutrition, J. To acquire a knowledge of main biological molecules: How to use microscope? Andrefanambohitrolona December 11 at 1: Andrefanambohitrolona December 9 at Pochhe the functioning of a living organism, what are the characteristics of life and the mechanisms implied in the living world.

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