Español: Portada del Brevisima relación de la destrucción de las Indias. Publicado en Sevilla en por Bartolomé de las Casas. Date, Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias by Bartolomé de las Casas; 42 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Casas, Bartolomé. by Bartolomé de las Casas A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies ( Spanish: Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias) is an.

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There was a problem filtering bartoloem right now. It was important for Las Casas that this method be tested without meddling from secular colonists, so he chose a territory in the heart of Guatemala where there were no previous colonies and where the natives were considered fierce and war-like.

All warfare was illegal and unjust and only through the papal mandate of peacefully bringing Christianity to heathen peoples could “Just Titles” be acquired.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This book, written a decade earlier and sent to the attention of then-prince Philip II restruccion Spaincontained accounts of the abuses committed by some Spaniards against Native Americans during the early stages of colonization.

The small town of Lascassas, Tennesseein the United States has also been named after him. His influence at court was so great that some even considered that he had the final word in choosing the members of the Council of the Indies.

When he arrived in Spain, his former protector, regent and Cardinal Ximenez Cisneroswas ill and had become tired of Las Casas’s tenacity.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikipedia

Even though he repented that position later in his life and included an apology in his History of the Indies[99] some later criticism held him responsible for the institution of the Atlantic slave trade.

Inafter Las Casas first wrote the chronicle later known as A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indiesduring the hearings ordered by Charles I of Spain to resolve issues of forceful conversion and colonial exploitation of Indians, Las Casas presented the account before the members of the Council of the Indies as proof of atrocities committed upon Indians by colonial authorities.


Las Casas had a considerable part in selecting them and writing the instructions under which their new government would be instated, largely based on Las Casas’s memorial. This method was championed by prominent Franciscans such as Toribio de Benaventeknown as “Motolinia”, and Las Casas made many enemies among the Franciscans for arguing that conversions made without adequate understanding were invalid.

Kraus Collection of Hispanic American Manuscripts. He drafted a suggestion for an amendment arguing that the laws against slavery were formulated in such a way that it presupposed that violent conquest would still be carried out, and he encouraged once again beginning a phase of peaceful colonization by peasants instead of soldiers. Founded inthere was already a small Franciscan monastery in Cumana, and a Dominican one at Chiribichi, but the monks there were being harassed by Spaniards operating slave raids from the nearby Island of Cubagua.

His text largely uses an emotionally persuasive argument instead of a logical argument in A Short Account in his effort to convince the King of Spain. Hays historical novel The Takers of the Citypublished in He traveled to Central Americaacting as a missionary among the Maya of Guatemala and participating in debates among colonial churchmen about how best to bring the natives to the Christian faith.

In order to restabilize the political situation the encomenderos started pushing not only for the repeal of the New Laws, but for turning the encomiendas into perpetual patrimony of the encomenderos — the worst possible outcome from Las Casas’s point of view.

Also inbefore venturing into Tuzulutlan, Las Casas went to OaxacaMexicoto participate in a series of discussions and debates among the bishops of the Dominican and Franciscan orders. Writing of Bartolome de Las Casas.

Views Read Edit View history. The New Laws were finally repealed on October 20,and riots broke out against Las Casas, indiaw shots being fired against him by angry colonists. Liberation of the Oppressed.


llas An interpretation of his life and writings. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

File:Bartolomé de las Casas (1552) Brevisima relación de la destrucción de las Indias.png

Las Casas managed to secure the support of the King’s Flemish courtiers, including the powerful Chancellor Jean de la Sauvage. Having resigned the Bishopric of Chiapas, Las Casas spent the rest of his life working closely with the imperial court in matters relating to the Indies.

Approaches to Las Casas, —”. A short account of the destruction of the Indies. He is a central character in the H.

Bartolomé de las Casas

Get to Know Us. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One persistent point of criticism has been Las Casas’s repeated suggestions of replacing Indian with African slave labor. De Las Casas juxtaposes the inhumane mistreatment of the Spanish conquistadors with the inherent goodness of the indigenous people in an exaggerated manner in his strategy of persuasion.

Las Casas as Bishop: ProvidenceUnited States of America. Traveling back to Spain to recruit more missionaries, he continued lobbying for the abolition of the encomiendagaining an important victory by the passage of the New Laws in Las Casas was resolved to see Prince Charles who resided in Flandersbut on his way there he passed Madrid and delivered to the regents a written account of the situation in the Indies and his proposed remedies.

In addition, his critique towards the colonizers served to bring awareness to his audience on the true meaning of Christianity, to dismantle any misconceptions on evangelization. A new interpretation based on his holograph petition in the Hans P.

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