Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide · Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee &. The entire English version of the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion manual, plus the An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). the first game and are described in this manual. How Baldur’s Gate Uses .. the end of the game! Note: You will be able to surpass this cap in Baldur’s Gate 2.

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In addition, Mazing is a much greater tactical advantage than Sphering enemies. When you factor this into the average damage, then it is only. Cannot use missile weapons. In addition, you the party reading this are free to distribute this work freely on the internet and in any other media manusl long as bbg2 is given to the original author Chris Lee.

Generally, these creatures can’t be backstabbed as well, but in the case of Kuo-Toas, it’s possible, but you have to distract them so they don’t keep turning around. The game rechecks this score every round. Especially when you have to pay off ng2 Blackmailers which can potentially offset you Gold or repair the dikes which, unless you want a revolt, will offset you Gold for the farms, then for the actual dikes.

Off the body of one of the super-mages in the area you can only access with a Rouge Stone in the Bridge District.

Baldur’s Gate II Throne Of Bhaal [Manual]

For example, some of the Final Guardians in Watcher’s Keep are variants of Drow or Ng2, but they can still see through your hiding. Special thanks to Gegengheist for finding this singular buckler. Within the Watcher’s Keep, the imp who likes to gamble has it. Arguably, some classes do not manua so much detailed investigation. Multiple places enough to supply your entire party with them by the time you get out of the City Under Siege tm in ToB.

Yet, here I am, in janual of my computer, still typing out stuff and information for a game that is probably already forgotten by the short memory of our gaming society. Bounty Hunter [] Abilities: Can only be Chaotic Neutral or Evil alignment. I always play at normal difficulty, so my HP rolls are never maximized, so in case you have a similar play preference, these tables are for you.


For Fighter-types, this is a very good weapon to have, since it also prevents hob annoying Level Drain from happening to you Backstabbers, ideally, can avoid this from happening. Thief Skills 25 bf2 a level to distribute. However, once you get Use Any Item in Throne of Bhaalthis item become completely obsolete since the thief can then equip any one of the amazing helms at will.

You get the Bladesinger quite late in SoA, in Suldanessellar to be exact. These hit points are temporary, and are taken away at the end of his berserk spree, possibly killing the berserker. In some respects, Single Weapon Proficiency is actually better than equipping an actual buckler, even the magical one since in addition to the -1 AC of SWP that also applies against missile weapons headed your way, which normal bucklers won’t manuql against, you now critically hit twice as often: Each point of Move Silently improves the chance that you can Stealth successfully by.

But nevertheless, I propose trying to solo at the very least the length of Shadows of Amn with a single thief. Backstabbers, trappers, and manuaal types Why: Manuzl Notes [B00] a.

Hiding is slightly different from actual invisibility in that it can combine with non-detection cloaks, amulets, or spell and avoid True-Sight and other such spells, while Invisibility even when wearing a Cloak of Non-detection dissipates quickly.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manuals

The reason why backstabbers may not want it is because there is another piece of armor that, while not as low in AC, has another very good benefit. BG2 edition by Felinoid Submitted. Exploding Trap does NOT harm allies, for one. First, it is important to note that you actually DO have to be relatively behind your enemy before a backstab registers unlike pre-patch BGI.

That extra attack doesn’t mean much for backstabbing you lose stealth after the first attackbut for Improved Invisibility or Assassination, you sneak in good extra hits. When you have these, you hardly have to worry about geography since you can just outrun most enemies and hide when you’ve escaped their gaze. I expect to undertake this manusl myself, but I will only be using the Bounty Hunter.


There are only two tricky battles, one in Rayic Gethras’s home, the other when you take down the entirety of Mae’Var’s guildhall. manua,

Golem Manual | Baldur’s Gate Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Keep me logged in on this device. However, three notable enemies you want to make a point of killing quickly: Any non-fighter or non-cleric variant. So little documentation, in fact, that I had to hunker down and read through the actual trap scripting files to determine what they actually do. And for you, the reader, if you managed manua, read through all my ramblings, I hope you enjoy the work I put into this guide, because I myself enjoyed every second of manuual.

This is almost a backstabber’s wet dream. Tov all, what good is improving this when you can rarely get a good payoff, and when you do, you can always prepare for it by drinking Potions of Master Thievery? The bonus to Speed Factor is actually most beneficial for a backstabber. A Hungarian version is also available. It gives you an additional -1 AC not against missile weapons, though manuaal simply using Single Weapon Proficiency, and at the cost of not being able to critically hit more often, you can get Sword and Shield proficiency and get an additional -2 AC against missile weapons which ton end up sort of negating the downside of a buckler.

Good for all, but especially backstabbers. Can wear any armor, but can’t cast spells when wearing non-elven metal armor, and can’t use thieving abilities when wearing anything past Studded Leather.

However, Hold Undead mankal terribly great. Death or be slowed for 30 seconds. If you need some new insight into traps that no one else seems to know, head right on over to section 5! If you can somehow kill them quickly, you can reap the benefits.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Nevertheless, it does have its wonderful tactical advantages, aside from just piling them up in front of a stationary dragon, then laughing as they all activate and chunk the dragon to floating bits of meat.

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