A medieval information resource web site containg, amoungst other items of information, a complete set of images from the Maciejowski Bible (now known as the. Maciejowski Bible: Commissioned ca. by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis); illuminated by a number of leading Parisian artists. Maciejowski cotte in action at Gulf Wars XXI (March Popped my arms through the underarm gap in the outer garment around mid-day to keep from overheating.

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These images are not here for purposes of making profit – they are presented for your edification and enjoyment, with intellectual and cultural objectives in mind. This allows for a page containing the descriptions translated from Latin into English by Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell to lie adjacent to the “plate” which is described. Maciejowski Folio 16 Recto plate Our research staff shall be delving into this seemingly inconsequential, yet historically essential and widely debated piece of minutia.

Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. That particular preserved volume is the very same one owned by Cardinal Maciejowski. The artwork was reproduced by Emery Walker, a preeminent type-designer and printer of the period and it contained a detailed history by Montague Rhodes James of Old Testament illustrative art of the medieval period, a history of the manuscript itself by Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell -an introduction by M.

The remaining foes hurry to arm themselves but it is too late; macieiowski horsemen pursue them into the pavilion and strike maciejowsi down. Leaf 1 from the Maciejowski Bible.

The book consists of paintings of events from Hebrew scripturegiven a setting in the customs and costumes of thirteenth-century France, and concentrating maciejowaki stories of kings, especially David. This is what makes the Maciejowski Bible such a superb compendium, and an unparalleled pictorial record of the minute details of many aspects of the 13th century.

It included a preface by John Plummer as well as the original history of the manuscript itself by Sir Sydney Cockerell. Originally, the bible contained only miniatures, organized in a consistent visual rhythm from page to page.

Tamar mourns in Absalom’s house Maciejowski Bible. On the cover of the book you can see four men dressed in rags with their hands held up to ask for mercy; the larger illustration above also depicts a maciejowaki and three youths behind them.


Morgan Bible – Wikipedia

Michelle Hearne of the Pierpont Morgan Library for her historical input. It ends quite abruptly, which would seem to indicate that there were maciejowsi more leaves in it originally. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Commons category link is on Wikidata. Log in or sign up in seconds. Who removed leaves from the book and for what reason? As an addendum to the above paragraphwe have since learned of an “official” position regarding the pronunciation of “Maciejowski” 1. Biblia de Maciejowski miniatura h On some pages the pictures also spill out into macidjowski margin.

Submit a new text post. Shah Abbas, through the assistance of missionaries and interpreters, ordered Persian descriptions of each of the scenes to msciejowski added to the margins.

bjble Media in category “Maciejowski Bible” The following 49 files are in this category, out of 49 total. The book consists of miniature paintings of events from the Hebrew bibleset in the scenery and customs of thirteenth-century France, depicted from a Christian perspective.

Also called the Morgan Bible. The knights are all wearing thirteenth-century mail and coloured surcoats; Joshua himself has folded back his mail coif hood to reveal the arming cap beneath, a sort of linen cap which would maciejowksi the mail getting caught up in his hair.


The images presented here have been grouped by original leaf folio. James – with notes on the arms and armour by Charles John Ffoulkes – This picture gives a good illustration of what the earl and his contemporaries would have looked like when they were armed; it also shows the difference between their clothes and equipment and those of the less fortunate.

The answer may lie with the Shah. Scholars have suggested that Shah Abbas did not approve of that story and may have had the leaves cut out. The manuscript was transported there as part of a mission to Isfahan, called for by Pope Clement VIII, with the intent of nurturing Shah Abbas’s acceptance of Christians and to secure a cooperative, combined military campaign against the Turks, who were then perceived as a common threat to almost all of Europe.


Man in shausses – detail. If there is anyone else who we have overlooked, to whom we owe proper acknowledgement. At that time, the manuscript came under the possession of Sir Thomas Phillipps -a renowned antiquarian dealer of old and rare books who possessed a massive collection of “books of antiquity”and was later sold in to John Pierpont Morgan -founder of the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York, where the manuscript now rests as ” Manuscript m.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It is also our belief that this knowledge should be made available freely. A reproduction of that masterpiece was produced in at the direction of John Pierpont Morgan and was given the title ” Old Testament Miniatures “. Therefore, we have scanned and placed all of the images from the Maciejowski Bible onto this web site so that all may enjoy them, and gain vision into the 13th century.

An improved search engine is in the works, which will return specific images rather than just pages. Originally only a picture book, the images are now surrounded by text in three scripts and five languages: It is composed of the original 46 leaves folios containing a total of scenes which, in the original manuscript, were painted on BOTH sides of each leaf with the c.

It contains 46 known leaves each double-sided, giving 92 pages and depicts the Old Testament from the Creation to the story of David. The book has traditionally been thought to have been created in Paris in the mids for Louis IX of France in the mids.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. I particularly like the man in the margin who is hanging off the end of the trebuchet a stone-throwing siege engine.

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