In this problem novel that quickly takes a romantic turn, first-time author Skilton paints a vivid portrait of a girl whose shame leads to an identity. Sarah Skilton’s debut novel, Bruised, opens with a gut-punch of a first scene. Imogen, a year old Tae Kwon Do black belt has just witnessed. Bruised by Sarah Skilton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I still have lingering doubts as to whether she has written other books under a different name because, frankly, to tackle this type of a subject with so much success and have it only be her debut is an incredible feat.

LibrisNotes: Bruised by Sarah Skilton

She’s resentful that her father has become wheelchair bound Grade: Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

It’s really about dealing with the issues that plagues Imogen after this haunting encounter.

Zahra It does not take over the story, but I’d sarsh that it is heavy in a different sense. You soon find out that Imogen’s home life has been somewhat strained and she finds it hard to reach out and seek comfort from those closest to her. If not, I will personally petition for one. Was she truly deserving of those belts? By day she works in the film and TV business.


I haven’t experienced – thankfully – PTSD disorder but I can relate to the feeling of pushing away everybody who’s around you and who’s trying to help you because they’re doing it in the wrong way. We see ALL aspects of her life shift toward the negative maybe because of the shooting but maybe also because of skilotn events that had come before it. Is there such a thing as a fair fight?

From the start I was drawn to the silton strength and vulnerability Imogen possessed. Imogen is a first degree black belt, a six-year student of Tae Kwan Do, and the youngest recipient of a black belt in her school.


I have had my eye on this book for a while, the cover of the book is simple but very eye catching, and one that drew me in, once I had read the bruissed I knew I had to read it so I was excited to receive a copy for review. How heavy is the romance? Mar 19, Deborah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Buuut Skilton’s writing doesn’t portray Imogen as struggling, just vengeful.

In turn, she feels like she has failed everyone else. The mother and father in this book often skliton pretty redundant to me, and I wanted to see more of them taking control and trying.

The robbery turns violent when police confront the robber who has a handgun and kill him. And then there was the sudden and albeit convenient turn around of the parents that lacked realism and skklton more of the need xarah a HEA ending. Bruised could have been a deeper, darker exploration of PTSD had it stayed focused on the main Tae Kwon Do aspect of it, but it kept derailing into needless drama that I did not care about. I’m on page 82 of and I’m dangerously close to a DNF. So I gave it a five, which is something I rarely do.

And by violent romance, I mean that Imogen constantly wants to fight someone because of the event saarah had to witness this will make more sense once you read it, I promise! Posted by About me at 7: View all 7 comments.

I don’t think this is ever a book I would have chosen for myself, but I enjoyed the quick reading experience and I do think some parts surprised me. Skilton has created an realistic protagonist in Imogen,who struggles throughout most of the novel, but in the end begins to grow and mature.

Oct 29, Shae McDaniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked her a lot, although she wasn’t always likable. When she ends up getting involved in bruided diner shooting and the gunman gets slaughtered by the police, she blames herself for not being able to intervene and salvage the situation with her martial art’s skills. So the romance comes last in memory of this book. Sometimes a book comes along at just the right time and resonates in just the right way.


As much as I admired what the author was doing with her themes, without this character connection I only bguised a passi Bruised is story of a girl Tae Kwon Do talent who survives a hold-up, skulton not without emotional scars and torment. There is a romance aspect that is a little more difficult to overlook, but I expect there to be romance in YA books.

But I had a serious problem connecting with most of the characters, and I was never really convinced by most of the main story arcs.

At first, my rating was 4. Secondly, let me reiterate that I liked it. Ricky’s PTSD symptoms are different than Imogen’s highlighting how traumatic events affect everyone differently. Older brother Hunter initially seems to be a shallow jerk who just wants to have sex with Imogen’s friends, but as the book goes on he becomes a really compelling character to read about.

Because of her psychological state, I would say the romance is presented uniquely, but it is not too much, and not too little So my final rating for this book will be two crowns, because the ending does make a few good points about family relationships, the effects of PTSD, friendship and survival. So why did I love it so much? But a lot of this book’s premise, and Imogen’s struggles, are based on the question of: Obviously after a trauma people can’t zkilton their fingers and accept sarh they are blameless.

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