free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Lexmark CN Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Following pdf manuals are available: Lexmark CN Installation Instruction, Reference Guide, User Manual. Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Lexmark C540N User Manuals

When you turn the printer on, it performs a Power-On Self Test. Storing Paper US fed as well as non-recycled paper. Diagnostic information Start CAUTION Unplug power cord from the electrical outlet before you connect or disconnect any cable or electronic board or assembly for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. Never replace both of the components without performing a POR after installing each one, or the printer may be rendered inoperable: Expose xx, 4xx Step 2: Remove the three screws D securing the lower right frame to the printer.

You will need the digit numeric value from the barcode after the installation, and it is easier to see at this point. Menu Settings Page menu. Page 60 – Front door sensor or switches service ch Page 73 – Paper pick motor drive assembly service Repeat these steps for every file you are updating on the printer.


Tips on using card stock. Remove the duplex sensor. Diagnostic Aids xx, 4xx 3. The fuser F applies heat and pressure to the page to melt the tiny toner particles and bond them permanently to the media.

Did this remedy the situation? Information you will need to set up the printer on a wireless network. Page 50 xx, 4xx Service error c5400n 1xx, 9xx continued Error code Description Action Page xx, 4xx Installation notes: The line that best matches the defects on the print job indicates which particular part may be causing the defect.

Lexmark CN manuals |

Gently rotate the fuser away from the top cover, v540n let it rest. Remove the two screws G on the right of the main drive gear assembly Lift the main drive gear assembly, and remove. Install the two springs. Release the latches Aand lift off the cover. Diagnostic aids Accessing service menus There are different test menus that can be accessed during POR to identify problems with the printer. Lexmark transparency part numbers 12A and mankal are supported from the standard tray, manual slot, and the multi-purpose feeder.

Tips on using letterhead. The following illustration shows proper alignment versus skewed alignment. Before performing a firmware update on the printer, contact your next level support to confirm, or obtain the correct code. Develop Page – Step 4a: Remove the sensor, and disconnect the cable E from the duplex sensor.


See System Board request. Page 5 xx, 4xx Hardware Tests However, no blanket statement can be made that all recycled paper will feed well. manuaal

Lexmark Printer CN User Guide |

Learning about the printer. Operator panel—display is blank. The waste toner bottle sensor contact does not need to be unplugged or removed. Page 71 – Operator panel displays all diamonds, fi Check the cartridge contacts. To run the Feed Test: Cables Page Page – Assembly 5: Page xx, 4xx serial number toner cartridge contacts viewing parts catalog service manuall removals 90x. Replace the toner cartridge. Canceling a print job from the computer.

When replacing the left cover, flex the cover slightly to mznual the tab E near the power switch. Close the front door. Remove the jammed paper. Remove the logo plate B.

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