The Eternal Mercenary has ratings and 86 reviews. Tucker said: I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. For a fifth grade boy, what. A character profile for the hero of a lengthy series of pulp adventure/war novels, Casca Longinus the eternal mercenary. Biography, skills, powers, etc. Casca. Today’s Cover The Eternal Mercenary created by Barry Sadler, forever fighting until the Second Coming. This website is dedicated to the history.

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Suffice to say I bought it and reread it in a day.

He joined the 10th Legion and was sent to Jerusalem where he was assigned to the execution detail for three prisoners, amongst whom was Jesus. Then that you shall remain until we meet again.

Casca (series) – Wikipedia

Casca is straight up pulpy shlock. He puts, in my opinion, a new facet into historical-fiction novels. What happens after that depends on his behavior, but judging by his behavior If only she wasn’t so much bigger than me I would give her a sound merrcenary and gentle her.

Also, his body is heavily criss-crossed with old scars; many seemingly from edged weapons.

Then that mercensry shall remain until we meet again. Casca and his forces accept a contract to overthrow tyrannical dictator Matthew Dzhombe, who is clearly modeled on Idi Amin, Ugandan leader. Forever wandering the earth fighting one war after another. Creative, thought provoking, with bite size chapters, makes perfect summer read.


He is articulate and imaginative. Oct 03, Rick rated it really liked it.

Casca Longinus is their path back to Christ and they will stop at nothing in keeping their most mercebary enemy in their sights for all time. Showing of reviews. I look forward to following the adventures of a mercenary who has plied his trade for centuries. There are not a lot of characters or sub-story lines to follow, so that allows the reader to stay attentive.

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Casca survives a bout with the Black Plague. Unless you’re just a fan of vintage racism. The epic tank battle at Kursk is described. He establishes frie This story csca quite amazing. Then that you shall remain until we meet again. What strikes me about the story is the bittersweetness.

The premise is great – one of the Roman soldiers taking part in the crucifixion of Christ he is the one who actually kills Christ with a spear and is doomed to live as a soldier, in one form or another, until He cascx. The Eternal Mercenary Casca, No. Casca is a warrior that I would love to meet today! No, it isn’t great prose but I found it just great fun to read. It is not in print and therefor a costly book to buy; however, if you like the audio books it is affordable in that format.

I thoroughly enjoyed them and think that they are worth the time spent reading. Well, right now, young soldier, you are going to pay for messing with my woman — and then I am going to slice her ears off so she won’t ever listen to anyone else’s bullshit. I have probably read it three or four times since buying it almost 40 years ago and I still enjoy it. Get to Know Us. Books In Motion Availability: Son of God, crucified for the sins of the world, rose from the dead?


It’s not a perfect story and some parts felt rushed but all-in-all, I thought it stood solidly against the test of time. It felt good reading a story about a tough, no-nonsense warrior unashamed of who or what he is.


The Persian casda, Rasheed, a minor acolyte, arranges to have Casca burned at the stake, thinking it just punishment for spearing Jesus. That is not a small thing. From the moment Casca ran his etermal through the torso of Jesus, the self-proclaimed “Son of God,” he began an endless lifelong journey filled with war, death, love, and heartache. Well not historically, but in this Barry Sadler novel Casca is the name given to the soldier. The character is loosely based on the Longinus legend of Christianity.

There he slowly discovered that he does not age and cannot be killed or seriously wounded. They had no idea at all of what it took to get him aroused. A friend recently gifted me with all 22 books in this series, a favorite of hers and her entire family. This was a great book.

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