Tightwad tips from the Complete Tightwad Gazette book to save you money. Helpful frugal ideas on a wide range of topics. After my favorite book on frugal finances, Your Money or Your Life (read review), I ‘d say The Complete Tightwad Gazette is the second book. Tightwad Gazette Fan Club. K likes. Fans of Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette share ways to save money and resources, while encouraging members to live.

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Crime novelist Lawrence Block wrote that travel and good food are his pleasures. Whether or not you make a good impression depends a lot on the other person. Just skip everything that doesn’t apply to you, and you still end up with a ton of great, interesting, even FUN ideas for how to save money. Because the truth is that frugality is looked down on. compoete

There are some neat ideas, but I think the author is a little over the top on almost everything. If we learn to save and live more frugally in lean times and good times – we won’t experience the worst kind of deprivation- which is a lack of security.

Even if you think you don’t need to read this book, buy a copy and put it on your toilet. Amy Dacyczyn saved my life.

The decision to do books was made so that they would be around for the long term in libraries and other places and it would be free and accessible to anyone. Secondly, they are unable to take account of your individual circumstances – how dirty ocmplete hair is for example or how hard or soft your water is. This woman is possibly the most sensible human being on earth.


Buy a fixer upper IF, and only if, you have the skills, money, time, and determination to actually do the work. Second hand does not mean second best. I also suspect that also motivated his writing; he wanted the money to do those things.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette

So hopefully I’ll be posting more frequently now that it’s on its way back to the library! Groceries Clothing Travel Home maintenance Halloween costumes Gifts Power bill Repairs College Moving And much more Now, just as with the frugality tips on this site, not every tip will be useful to everyone. The author is pretty high and mighty while being dismissive of issues like lack of space she constantly refers to her huge farmhouse with attached barn and other outbuildings. It is absolutely amazing the stuff people will throw away.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn | : Books

Dacyczyn changes all of that. In a newsletter published from May to December as well as in three enormously successful books, Amy Dacyczyn established herself as the expert of economy. Add in the fact that my eyes glazed over trying to do percentages and you get a personal budget that was a real mess. The author’s tone is a bit condescending and guilt-provoking at times, but if you can take it with a grain of salt and s This is a book that I finally bought after checking it out from the library at least 10 times.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette has got to be the best purchase I have ever made, with the possible exception of my kindle, and I didn’t even pay full price.

Earning more ultimately means more hours working and away from home, family, and other important aspects of a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life. Even best-selling authors have learned this lesson.


To reduce the stress of Christmas overspending, give yourself and your family permission to do less. Over 6 years of the Tightwad Gazette newsletter in one volume.

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Others, like how to make a wreath out of barbed wire, are a little less so. There, I found The Complete Tightwad Gazetteand it was a revelation — a thousand page tome full of ideas on how to save money, conveniently written in bite sized pieces almost like blog postings. About Amy Dacyczyn Amy Dacyczyn is the former editor of The Tightwad Gazette, a newsletter that ran in the s and promoted a lifestyle of frugality.

This author is VERY extreme in her frugality; and that behavior allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom of 6 I think kids on her husband’s small salary. Successfully fighting the culture of tigthwad spend spend? I am much more likely to hang my clothes on the clothesline to reduce my carbon footprint than I am do t I had been reading a variety of environment-related books, which segued into sustainable living and thrift books.

Sep 27, Jenny rated it really liked it. It was just what people needed after the excesses of the 80’s, and it caught on like wildfire. Some of her advice revolves around:.

It’d be so cool if another, updated, more modern version were around.

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