An introduction to Easytrieve. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve. Structure of an Easytrieve program. Contains 3 sections. iv CA-Easytrieve/Plus User Guide. Chapter 3: Standard Reporting with CA- Easytrieve/Plus. Reports Made Easy-A Tutorial. Easytrieve. Variables. Variable declaration · Declaring working storage variables · COMP and COMP-3 equivalent variables · Variable initialization (VALUE.

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How to Write a Simple Easytrieve Program | It Still Works

FLOW activates a trace of the statements being executed. Production of output files. Retrieve a copy of the layout of the database you are using.

JOB activities read from or write to files and manipulate data. You may also need to only capture males or females of a certain age. Scanning and Esaytrieve Datasets File-Aid: STATE saves the statement number of the statement currently being.

EASYTRIEVE – Sample Program – Display Totals and Summary

PMAP creates a complete listing of the executable program produced by. Write statement is used for writing recs into VSAM files.

Select the variables you need using your outfield. This parameter can take the following values: This specifies the record format of the file.


EASYTRIEVE – Sample Program – Display Totals and Summary | F1 for Mainframe

MOVE statement does not transfer the value in Numeric form ie. IS Indexed Sequential Access method. N is the number of control fields. Newer Post Older Post Home. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: Give them to the appropriate person.

Normally, Easytrieve automatically totals all quantitative fields. Whatever the limitations are you want to add them in your program before you go any farther. Can be used to print Footnotes The SUM statement overrides this process.

SUM statement prints the Totals of the specified fields at the end of. XREF causes the creation of a cross reference listing of each field name.

MASK can be used for editing characters to easytrieeve displayed in rpt etc. Following statements define the content of the report and must be coded in the same order as shown below. Add any variables that do not exist. See tips tutoriak find out why.

When defining the field, you can specify the default heading. Easytrieve lets you create new variables by using working storage variables in your program.


Fields to be used within Report Section like page number etc.

MOVE statement moves a string from one variable to another. Working with an out file is much easier and not time sensitive. Line Stmt defines the detail lines for the report.

Easytrieve is a programming language that helps you retrieve data from databases that you work with. You need to correct your mistakes and run the Easytrieve program again until you eadytrieve the results you are seeking.

The following will give you the basics of how to write a simple Easytrieve program. VS Virtual Storage Access method. The POS parameter enables you to position line items on lines 2 through This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

DMAP creates a listing of the data map for each file and its.

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