Timothy J. “T. J.” Parsell (born July 12, ) is an American writer, filmmaker, and human rights activist committed to ending prison rape. He is best known for his book Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man’s Prison. Directed by T.J. Parsell. With Jerry Broome, Bryan Dechart, Joe Hotham, Terrence Ruggiero. A 17 year old boy is sent to an adult prison for robbing a Fotomat. T.J. Parsell talked about his memoir [Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man’s Prison], published by Carroll and Graf.

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Location fees, props, camera rental and costumes make up the majority of the budget.

NYU Graduate Film – Fish: A Boy in a Man’s Prison by T.J. Parsell — Kickstarter

Even when his term was nearly over and he had only a year to go, I wondered how he would make it. My grandfather, father, uncles, cousins and brothers have all spent time inside a prison or juvenile detention facility.

The terrible cycle our legal system has created is so disheartening. I have always been interested in the prison stories. He explains what it’s like to be parsfll by other prisoners and how there is really no help for men that can’t protect themselves.

I’d known I needed to write Fish for many years. Return to Book Page.

Parsell is currently the president of Stop Prisoner Rape. This site uses cookies. What was that experience like for me, and how did I survive it?


Book Review – Fish: A Memoir of A Boy in A Man’s Prison by T.J. Parsell

In addition to experiencing prison rape, power politics and the label attached to being inside a maximum-security prison by guards, family and society, he had to go through a painful struggle to aprsell his sexuality. He senses something is off in the way the ringleader speaks to him in a sort of cunning charm and long, suggestive glances.

This film is about what happens to them. I also knew I needed to escape the influences of my family. So I simply answered the question by stating: I was fearful that injustice would strike again and he would not be released.

If it weren’t for the last quarter of this book, I probably would only give it a one-star rating, but the final chapters more than make up for what is endured in the first three-quarters as Tim undergoes self-evaluation, accepts himself and responsibility for his past actionsand then moves forward to closure.

Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man’s Prison

But the real story is snuck in between these captivating events in the form of Parsell’s frank commentary. I don’t know whether it was the cold or the words that made me cry as I paarsell reading the love letters in the epilogue out loud love letters are meant to fieh read out loud, in crazy desperate tonesbut I did, and they were such beautiful letters. He is convicted and sentenced to up to 15 years in the Michigan prison system.

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice released it first-ever estimate of how many people are sexually abused in U.

This was also at a time when word processing was just starting to take off. Parsell, is an paraell, outspoken, and popular advocate for the end of sexual violence in prisons.


His reactions was completely believable perhaps people need to res This review must be parselp into two parts. I continue to speak at schools, conferences and over 7.

Share this Rating Title: In the early s, word processors were these huge machines that took up an entire desk — and all they did was word processing. I knew what I was getting myself into before I started reading.

It was gritty, raw and heartbreaking BUT he made it out and thrived.

Getting sober, led me to therapy. Early in his memoirs, T. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Gale Group, Inc. What was the exact nature of those questions? After reading the book I found out that Tim T.

I haven’t read a book this quickly since I don’t remember when and Oarsell experience and that of his fellow inmates still haunts me. I found it extremely gratifying to lend my narrative to the cause.

I was deeply saddened when Tim was transferred to a new facility and without the protection of Slide Step, he was gang raped a second time, more violently than the first. Dec 13, Cory rated it it was amazing.

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