Frances Larimer Warner is the author of Our Invisible Supply ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Our Invisible Supply ( avg ratin. Posts about Frances Larimer Warner written by Musawenkosi Tshoaele. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Our Invisible Supply; How To Obtain Part Ii; Being An Advanced Series Of Instructions Frances Larimer Warner. Published by R F Fenno.

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Then I will just be like the rest of them, blaming my job or spouse or community or the government or the gods for my current, undesirable situations. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. And, too, have thought after due delib- eration, that one’s work should be found “at hand,” and for a year or two at least am going to do what I can in a local way.

One’s highest ideals may be so easily realized through the knowledge and right use of this wonderful law, that no one can afford tQ remain in ignorance of so great a boon. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world’s books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Man may be and do the thing he wishes if he keeps that one thought dominant through night and day, and knows his strength is limitless because its fountain- head is God.

Go hack to the Source, and find divinity. Now do you not see how we may escape the experience realm and comprehend something of the Law of Alchemy as the ancients called the Law of Spirit? We have now our part to perform, which is simply acceptance. The natural to me is only the chrysalis, and an incident that we are done with as a ruler at least So let us lay hold upon the “dominion” with which we were created How to Obtain in and turn no more as Paul says, in Gal.

As the sun cannot shine into a dark cellar when shut out, so wealth cannot flow to us individually, when shut out by our doubts and fears, and belief of lack as the reality. I was a close student for nearly ten years before I was able to prove it my supply, as well as my health and happiness, but I knew the failure was because of a lack of understanding and not a lack in reality: Then all of these worries and trials belong to It and you are really meddling, officious.

And did you ever yet see any one succeed in work uncon- genial? Chapters on Menstruation and the diseases of women and children. The state- ment that seemed to appeal to me most, perhaps, was that money and I also apply it to my health is but the symbol of the exhaustless fountain of aU supply and harmony in the real substance; and S held with a tout rein, we withhold the substance; so I am trying to let go the rein and let in the overflow of all that I need and desire.


To desire a piece of money for tribute, a pipe organ, loaves, fishes, a ring or any other material possession simply for the sake of selfish enjoy- ment would seem childish in the extreme, and to be able to demonstrate for that end alone would be impossible, since the time and depth of research required to enable one to reaUy demonstrate would, as a natural corollary, compd the highest ideals. What was before looked upon with fear and trembling j wUl present brighter aspects to you; and you will be pleased with what you now account a misfortune.

The first time I did this, I went home and found a letter with money enclosed as payment for something purchased of me some time before. Militz who said that we were pressed upon by Spirit as the water presses the fish, “In it we live, move and have our being.

If not, let me know and I will try again. So the inner does not act direct- ly upon the outer, but because it is always intense activity presses upon the conscious plane as Desire, pushing and urging the conscious plane on to expression. You tell me in your last letter of the exact amount of your bank accoimt, and that of your husband’s. To me the joy of attaining to a place financially where I had not been before, was as nothing compared to the joy of having been able to prove the Law as Malachi invites us to do, or rather the spirit through him, so the blessing is not m the material things added but in the actual knowl- edge of a Law that never can be taxed to the limit.

V nature of desire and. Hold this thought for supply: Your brother’s body is no part of Am, but the instrument he uses J so now and always declare for him that he never met with an accident. Boldly take away its mask, and you will be glad that you have this problem to solve.

The time of manifestation, I have dis- covered, depends a great deal on the constant and vivid imaging of the thing desired, and I know from almost daily proof of this mighty never-failing Law, that there is not an air castle too great to see literally fulfilled. I will tell you a way to change the habit of your hair which you ask to be specially treated. I was left a widow at twenty- eight with an infant son, lost all I had in fool- ish speculation in California.

Frances Larimer Warner: List of Books by Author Frances Larimer Warner

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. And the longed-for pleasure, or boon, or aim, or llarimer, is the steel: Your ideal life is like a silver vase, always pure silver, but tarnished with false impressions, so all we warjer to do is to remove the tarnish by affirming, and seeing, the bright shining reality.


You ask for my terms for instruction. Superficial interpretation warnerr my article in September Unity seems to demand elucidation. I had to laugh at your saying you are no longer young, and only thirty, but we know in reality that time is but a measure of growth not a measure of age, so one should be proud to have attained to years of unfoldment. You may have had similar experiences to this: Begin right now to use freely the means at hand, even if it is with an “Lord, llarimer thou mine unbelief” feeling, and furthermore when you crave refreshment or anything that will add to your comfort or that of the husband you say is ill, get it, taking no thought for the morrow, debts, or any other old trouble.

We aa scientiste should never lose an opportunity to co-operate with it. Baby-craft explains that quarrels and disagreements in the home are pictured forth in the child in colic, fevers and unrest. As long as we limit and lafimer to use the symbol of wealth, how can the real substance flow?

Do not qarner that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries.

You certainly have great faith to still stand by your convictions of Truth, though finding yourself, after having studied twenty years, still unable to apply it to the financial problem.

We absolutely must become as a little child, trusting where we cannot see, and ask, or rather give thanks, for having already received; then act as though God meant what he said. A pan of dough is as willing to be formed lafimer bread as biscuit. When lzrimer girl, a family living in the same town with us were a great puzzle to me and every one. Electricity was no less a power expressed through its first crude form. I sent down town by a friend for a little brown teapot; when I came home in the afternoon rather tired — ought one to say so?


So many are troubled about concentration, and I for one have given up trying. If you do not yet see cleariy, I will gladly try to make clear anything that I have said that may seem abstract and impracticable. No, I did not; for I knew if I presented the picture of my ideal home as a whole I should not have the care of details. Lovingly youra, Frances Larimer Warner. I did not once question as to how all franves was to come about, as that was no concern of mine since I had been invited to prove the Spirit through Mai.

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