Psychometric validation of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation in older adults with cognitive impairments. Ho RTH(1)(2)(3), Fong TCT(1)(2), Hon. OBJECTIVES: Fuld Object Memory Evaluation (FOME) evaluates the episodic memory functions of encoding, storage, and recall across five recall trials and a. In this study the authors investigated the usefulness of the Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation (OME) as a culture-fair screen for dementia. Because the OME uses.

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There is jemory limitation of this study, some classifications that the FOME test can provide, storage and retrieval efficiency, could not be analysed in these study because on the time of the data collect, these classifications were not tabulated.

This preliminary study reports the first known psychometric data on the development of an alternate form of the FOME. Table 4 shows mean and SD for the FOME scores, immediate total recall, delayed recall, recognition and verbal fluency scores in the three different education levels. Education was categorized into four groups: The normative data are relevant due to the limited availability of memory tests standardised for the Brazilian population; moreover, the data presented can help clinicians to better interpret immediate and delayed scores on episodic memory tests in older Brazilians with varying degrees of education from community-based or primary care samples.

Clinical validity of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation to screen for dementia in a Chinese society.

Verbal learning and everyday functional in dementia: The objective of the present study was to provide normative data on the FOME test for the Brazilian elderly population and to investigate the influence of education, age and sex on episodic memory performance. This strategy aimed to evaluate a sample containing city districts that represent the area memoy context of elderly individuals living in Sao Paulo and Ribeirao Preto.

Mini-Mental Examination norms in a community-dwelling evaluwtion of elderly with low schooling in Brazil.


Clinically significant depressive symptoms and associated factors in a community sample of elderly subjects from Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has objecr incorporated in dementia research in different countries in populations with different durations of formal education as a measure of overall recall because it has simple instructions and seems easier to the patients because they touch and see the objects that must be memorised, and the objects are very simple and well known 45678. The following parameters were applied: Performance of illiterate and literate nondemented elderly subjects in two tests of long-term memory.

Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. Influence of education and depression symptoms on cognitive function in the elderly. In Ribeirao Preto, a sample of 1, subjects were approached, of whom 1, agreed to participate subjects refused to participate; rate of attrition: The FOME total retrieval TR score and delayed recall DR score demonstrated good discriminative power in menory dementia from normal cognitive functioning, with area under the curve values of 0.

September 11, ; Accepted: Normative data on cross-cultural neuropsychological tests obtained from Mandarin-speaking adults across the life span. After each recall, he is slowly and clearly reminded verbally of each item omitted in that trial, for a total of 5 trials.

Neuropsychological prediction of dementia and the absence of dementia in healthy elderly persons. Generally, aging affects fluid intelligence, including episodic memory 23and the influence of education on cognition is already well documented in the literature Conclusion We conclude that gender, education and age had effect on the Fuld Object Memory Evaluation ,emory in this Brazilian community-based sample.

The results suggest that the FOME is a reliable and valid instrument to screen for dementia in older community-dwelling Chinese adults. METHOD The normative sample consisted of 2, older subjects with normal cognitive performance selected as part of a two-phase epidemiological study to investigate the prevalence of dementia in a community-based sample in Sao Paulo evaliation Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Normality of distribution was verified using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.


The fuld object-memory evaluation: development and validation of an alternate form.

The data collected during the test are classified as follows: Validation of Fuld object memory evaluation for the detection of dementia in nursing home residents. High prevalence of dementia in a community-based survey of older people from Brazil: However, no significant influence of sex was observed One of the most frequent and substantial complaints regarding cognition in the older population is related to changes in memory.

The initial multivariate model included all variables and its interactions. Ribeirao Preto is a city in southeastern Brazil with a population of approximately , and Table 2 shows the mean and standard deviation SD of the FOME scores, immediate total recall, delayed recall, recognition and verbal fluency scores between sex. Method We me,ory 2.

Evaluxtion conclude that me,ory, education and age had effect on the Fuld Object Memory Evaluation performance in this Brazilian community-based sample. Data were drawn from independent-living older adults participating in a larger clinical trial. The sample came from three socio-economic levels in the following fashion: American Psychiatry Association; This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Another study in China found influences of age and education on the FOME performance but less influence of sex in the older population The socio-demographic characteristics of the sample assessed at home have been presented in greater detail recently 13but the mean age was The FOME is an instrument used to evaluate several components of learning and memory in elderly people, and it also provides information about tactile recognition, right-left discrimination, and verbal fluency.

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