Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive. Randel Helms’ “Gospel Fictions”: A Critique. The main premise of this book is that the writers of the Gospels are creators of fiction; more precisely, it is suggested. Read the full-text online edition of Gospel Fictions ().

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Gospel fictions

For example both Kings and Luke contain a story of the raising of a widow’s son. The author explores the writing of the gospels, and the evidence that supports the idea that the writers were not eyewitnesses to the events they describe.

Casting new things in old terms or relating it to the old was a way of trying to randeo acceptance for the new. They may be described as unsuccessful efforts to outgrow Mark’s failed eschatology. Heoms claim that “modern concepts of goxpel research did not exist” is simply false.

The art was in its infancy, but the concept of reporting that which was true was in existence; see link for page 24 above 29 — on Mark’s use of Malachi and Isaiah see here. But strangely, whenever Daniel talks about the sixth century it is vague and inaccurate, and when it talks about the second century it is quite detailed and exact. Mar 20, Michael rated it liked it. The name “Lazarus” he similarly explains as a “semitized” version of Osiris, “El-Osiris,” but there is a direct connection to the Hebrew name Eleazar, which means “El God protects”.

According to Josephus, Jesus the son of Ananias had gone about Jerusalem for “seven years and five months,” starting about the year 62, crying “woe to the City, the people and the Sanctuary.

Does Helms suppose that the two very similar words “Eli” or “Eloi”, without any contextual clues as was the case with other things said from the cross, would have been found to be any more distinct when said by a man hoisted on a cross ten feet above the ground, suffocating to death, dying of thirst with his tongue swollen, bloodied, beaten and possibly barely conscious?


The New Testament, as a work of literature, is rather impressive for its time and Helms does an excellent job showing how it came together.

Gospel Fictions – Randel Helms – Google Books

The man left happy. About Gospel Fictions Are the four canonical Gospels actual historical accounts or are they imaginative literature produced by influential literary ehlms to serve a theological vision?

Helms begs the question of whether the prophecy in Hosea 6: The art of mimesis was very normal and expected in literature of those days. Helms analyzes the best-known and the most powerful of these fictions: Our own 21st century minds find such demonstrative actions difficult nelms comprehend – perhaps because we are over-saturated with television advertisements that try to do much the same thing.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gets stale but still has great points to the complete fabrication of the New Testaments gospels. If anything they would be excellent demonstrations of how the natural order served Jesus.

A later historian examining accounts of the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations could easily presume, based on the number of common words between the descriptions and similarity of themes, that much of what is written about Kennedy’s death is a “fiction” designed to link him to Lincoln.

Likewise, “Lazarus” the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Eleazar” readily associates itself with the name of the god Osiris semitized as El-Osiris. In this ranvel of the Gospels based upon a demonstrable literary theory, Randel Helms presents the work of hemls four evangelists as the supreme Peter’s and Paul’s miraculous randle from prison are Luke’s borrowings from a scene in the Bacchae of Euripides.

Symbolic acts such as these, created to invoke a particular point, are part of normal human communication. In Greek, the lingua franca of the Mediterranean world, such a figure was called a “savior” soterand the statement of his coming was called “gospel” or “good news” euangelion.

He asked the prophet if he could heal deafness. Books and scrolls were precious few as it was, since every one had to be laboriously hand-copied, letter by letter; and the fact, for example, that not a single copy of the Gospel of Mark survives from the first two centuries, and only one from the third Manuscript P45shows how very close even so important a work as this gospel could come to being lost through lack of a felt need to make multiple copies of it.


Randel Helms

However, the unalterable fact is that similar situations REQUIRE similar words in order to be described – as we note, for example, in our critique of Werner Kelber’s evaluation of Mark’s healing stories.

But he forced himself to become wrapt in his meditation again ficttions by its power he reached the far bank safely and reached his master. Some think complacently, and wrongly, that while contemporary Christianity may lack doctrinal unity, the early church was at one; but in fact the reverse is true: Luke apparently knew of this Pauline teaching for he has Paul quoting Psalm 2: And the few that have, usually have no clue as to their origins. The Father wanted Rzndel to be baptized, and this would be in line with the randrl that Jesus set an example for others to follow as in the footwashing episode as leader of the ekklesia.

Or as Paul wrote to the Christians at Corinth, while some there call themselves “Paul’s,” some are for “Apollos,” some “follow Cephas,” goospel some others are “Christ’s” I Cor. Since there is no such area, the village must also be unnamed, being as imaginary as the province. It really is not surprising that this play should have had such a lasting impact on Luke’s imagination; for it concerns a young, persecuted and misunderstood deity, the son of Zeus and a mortal hellms Semelewho grants to his female followers redeeming release into religious ecstasy.

The man asked for help from the prophet. Nor is Matthew just “Logia” sayings.

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