ISLAMABAD: A larger Bench of Supreme Court, while reviewing the presidential reference against Hasba Bill, has declared some clauses of. The bill is pending with the NWFP governor, who has until 17 While the MMA has vowed to defend the Hasba Act in the Supreme Court, it. The Mutahida Majlis-I-Amal government in NWFP has tabled Hasba bill in Opinion of MMA: The proposed bill was drafted when the MMA leadership strongly.

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Part II, “Fundamental Ibll Chapter 1, 20a states, “every citizen shall have the right to profess, practise and propagate his religion. Meetings of Provincial Advisory Council. Pakistani Commentator Irfan Husain comments on the problem this presents: GB team wins Naltar ski championship. The reference against the Act will now be heard on 1 August If in the opinion of the Mohtasib the reasons of his removal are not based on facts, he shall be entitled to challenge the bona fide of the notice before the Peshawar High Court, which shall be heard by a Division Bench of the said Court; provided that if no hearing date is fixed for ninety days from the date of approaching the Court, then it shall be deemed that the notice of removal has become effective.

Please feel free to pass this along to others giving attribution to: Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, Mr. Trio accused in JIT report reject findings, claim innocence.


Hasba Bill Supreme Court accepts presidential reference partially | Business Recorder

The Constitution does, however, clearly state that Provincial Assemblies may legislate “Subject to the Constitution” and “subject to, and limited by, the executive authority expressly conferred by the Constitution or by law made by [Majlis-e-Shoora Parliament ] upon the Federal Government or authorities thereof.


India has no role to play in Afghanistan: Shah Mahmood Qureshi held meeting with Russian c They said that it was a first step towards establishment of a society based on Islamic principles.

Please include your name and country or state of residence. The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures. He said the government was ready to incorporate positive suggestions into the law despite its passage. Was it the 14 or 15 August??

Subtitles for movies and TV series. Mohtasib not to hold office of profit, etc —- 1 The Mohtasib during his appointment shall not hold any office of profit or enter into any profession carrying the right to remuneration. Imran – Qadri long march. Pakistan was committed for peace in Afghanistan: It appears to have escaped the notice of Provincial Legislature and may be given due consideration by them. Pakistan must own the FATF project.

Speaker Bakht Jehan Khan, who presided over the session, overruled the point of order raised by Akbar Khan and allowed the law minister to table his motion for the passage of the bill. These statements should give us confidence that Supreme Court will quickly declare the Hasba Act billl be unconstitutional.

Hasba bill

Justice Khalil Ramday wanted a clarification about Money Bill, since that was important for the Apex Court to arrive at a legal conclusion of the case, and might affect the NA Speaker as well. Inauguration bill of Mohmand dam postponed. You will note in the full text of the Hasba Act that the Mohtasib will “monitor adherence of Islamic values” and “discourage un-Islamic customs”.


Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition.

FIA advises apex court to close Asghar Khan case. He said the MMA was committed to moulding society on the lines of Islamic laws. Why India is stealing Pakistan water: Competent court means court established under CPC The dimensions of human misery The Court further opined that any violation of the provisions of Section 23 of the Hisba Bill, shall not be subject hadba Section 14 of Hisba Bill Power to Make Rules.

PM Ashraf Constitution is supreme, not parliament: PM Nawaz Every institution bound to respect constitution: Special Powers of Mohtasib.

Updated December 30, Pressure on the press A government-controlled body to run the affairs of newspapers is not in sync with the modern concepts of rule. He said this house had yet not fulfilled the requirement bilo the constitution.

The Attorney General said that the Hasba Bill in reference to constitutional articles is not the Money Bill, upon which the Larger Bench of The Apex Court accepted the legality of presidential reference and ordered the Hassba government to amend some clauses, which were declared as unconstitutional. Pakistan must own the FATF project. He further opined that the citizens of NWFP, particularly the minorities, would feel themselves as second class citizen and would billl under constant threat of insecurity.

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