Life. Saʿd ibn Manṣūr ibn Saʿd ibn al-Ḥasan ibn Hibat Allāh Ibn Kammūna al- Baghdādī was a Jewish philosopher who presumably held an administrative. Physician and man of letters, Ibn Kammuna left a number of writings on philosophy and religion. His treatise comparing Judaism, Christianity and Islam caused. Critical Remarks by Najm al-Din al-Katibi on the Kitab al-Ma’alim. Together with the Commentaries by Izz al-Dawla ibn Kammuna. by Sabine Schmidtke.

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On the other hand, Ibn Kammuna does employ in the shorter work several cognate terms to describe the person who can grasp a certain fact immediately and without the need for lengthy demonstration: All of this is known through experience to the person who finds it within himself, and by recurrence along with intuition to the one who is endowed Musawip. Kmamuna Lameer scoured all three editions and published a thirty page review Ziai, H,Knowledge and IlluminationAtlanta: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

McMichael in Digital Philology 7. Like so many other features of his work, it can be understood only in the context of the Avicennan legacy. Throughout his life Avicenna struggled with the complex of problems ensuing from his insight, especially in the realms of psychology and epistemology, without ever arriving at a satisfactory solution.

There is far less agreement as to how to assess the worth of editions, as well as the need or lack thereof for redoing editions that are already available. The great bibliographer Moritz Steinschneider opined that Ibn Kammuna in fact converted; his arguments were countered by some of the great iammuna of Judaeo-Arabic studies, notably D.

Ibn Kammuna (d. 1284)

One drawback of this approach is the patchwork image it impresses upon the modern student, as if Ibn Kammuna set out to prepare a quiltwork of philosophical sources rather than to take a stand on the issues. Following the Thread of Intuition 5. Ads help cover our server costs. More particularly, I am interested in the paradox or tension between the sempiternal, indestructible quasi-divine soul, and the ethical norms that demand that the soul be improved–and Ibn Kammuna’s assertion that the “accidents” can carry on to a new bodily instantiation.


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In the second part of akmmuna treatise, however, Ibn Kammuna shifts to a Sufi mode of exposition. Scott Bridger in Journal of Qur’anic Studies He concludes that we lbn still in need of a reliable edition.

Dr Lwiis Saliba has reissued the Tanqih al-Abhath Examination the Three Faithspublished by Byblion, in Byblos, Lebanon ; a second printing was made already in in a volume of nearly pages, provided with a detailed introduction and copious notes, all in Arabic, but with a very good command of academic publications in European languages. The second comprises instances where people spontaneously perform acts of bravery, leadership, or literary creativity, and thus act in a manner that appears to be above the ordinary.

Both treatises display a thorough integration kamnuna religious and philosophical ideas and ideals. Skip to main content. These ideas were helpful in developing a political theory of prophecy; the prophet, like the philosopher-king, is a visionary, gifted with bold leadership as well as the ability to impose a code of behavior upon his people.

These vary from person to person, just as bodily endowments vary. Many of the latter exceed others in quantity and quality; but there is no limit, at which one must perforce stop. The evidence from citations in later writers, who generally refer to him as a Jew, would indicate so. Corbin noted the value of its exposition as well as its critical importance for establishing the text of the Talwihat. Nonetheless, his views may well have changed over the years—not at all surprising, if, as some think, he made the more traumatic act of switching religious affiliation.

Additional materials are found in the preceding section Recent Editions as well as the internet resources listed in the following section.

Ibn Kammuna (d. ) – Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

They then conveyed them to students. However, here as elsewhere, he takes note of the abilities of kzmmuna people to grasp issues that remain recalcitrant to others who are not so endowed.

Note that we shall be alert to the utilization of the concept, even if the term hads does not appear in the text under scrutiny. Writings The iammuna studies on Ibn Kammuna have focused mainly on his psychology; his writings and doctrines in that field will be discussed below.

kammunx The Kalimat is dedicated to a Muslim patron, and it easily and naturally reads as a work of Muslim piety. Why I Am Not a Muslim, p. His commentary on al-Suhrawardi’s Talwihatthe major text of Islamic Illuminationist philosophy remains one of the clearest and most thorough expositions of that branch of thought. In his original writings he was freer to take a personal stand.

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The latest studies on Ibn Kammuna have kamuna mainly on his psychology; his writings and doctrines in that field will be discussed below. The variation is seen both in the quantity of percepts that are obtained intuitively as well as in the speed of intuitive act. Illuminationist philosophy ; al-Suhrawardi.

His special interest in studying the soul nafs calls for explanation. We are thus confronted here with the historiographical and methodological question of the weight to be kanmuna to technical terms as opposed to ideas, a question that the present writer opts to leave open. It begins with a extended investigation of prophecy, aiming to establish in a manner acceptable to adherents of all faiths not just the prophetic ones that revelation does occur.

In the life sciences, we know by means of hads that irrational animals carry out their biological functions unconsciously [ed. Submitted version before peer review of a translation and analysis of a short essay by Ibn Kammunw. Piety and Ethics 7. The following paragraphs are an attempt to bring to the fore kammunna salient points. Log In Sign Up. Opera Metaphysica et Mystica2 volumes, Istanbul: We cite here the most important works, mainly in English.

Simon Bellahsen has published a French translation ,ammuna the Examinationincluding a translation of portions from the biography in Pourjavady and Schmidtke At times there is no grammatical, syntactical, or lexical reason a priori to choose one variant over the other. The first of these includes veridical dreams, divination, and other cases in which the unknown is revealed.

However, in the query under scrutiny, al-Razi is speaking specifically about Muhammad.

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