Imagining the Tenth Dimension has ratings and 18 reviews. author Rob Bryanton starts with the lower dimensions that we are all familiar with, then uses. Jeff: Rob Bryanton, the author of Imagining the Tenth Dimension is. Modern theories tell us that there are ten spatial, or “space-like” dimensions to our reality. My name is Rob Bryanton. With this project, I have.

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But we are certainly not in eight. He therefore needs to make a 5th dimension to compensate for the obvious fact that we cannot do this, and all subsequent dimensions need additional dimensions just to even completely perceive them. Posted by Rob Bryanton at 2: So why shouldn’t you be able to then cause those probabilistic outcomes to be observed in other ways?

A Critique of “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” | Mathematical Multicore

Using simple geometry and an easygoing writing style, author Rob Bryanton starts with the lower dimensions that we are all familiar with, then uses those concepts to Reality, today’s physicists tell us, is created by the vibrations of exquisitely tiny superstrings in ten spatial dimensions.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. So you are not very convincing. Subscribe in a reader. If you have something that’s been plaguing you, a question about your future and your own reality, you can contact me Hard to follow at times due to the complexity of the thought process, but definitely worth reading.

Jun 20, Erica Martin rated it it was ok. But by the end of the day, we were starting to learn about something known as the digg effect. Interstellarthe amazing Christopher Nolan movie, has a unique pedigree in the world of science fiction: Graham Hancock’s Supernatural and David Jay Brown’s The New Science of Psychedelics also come up in the discussion of there being evidence of there being more to our reality than the 4D space-time we see around us.


Hi Dylan, I’ve created a project which has been loved by millions of people. In entries like The Holographic Universe we’ve looked at the theory that our observed reality is derived from a holographic projection – an interference pattern projected from the fifth dimension.

I think it might work for dimensions 0 through 9 and I guess the point of all of this must be stepping from 9 to Ramon Silva rated it it was amazing May 25, We’re actually recording this interview in degree virtual reality which you’re going to be able to see posted later in various channels.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

December 20, at 9: Like the “point” we know from geometry, it has no size, no dimension. Maybe I only like this bok because I like quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Mar 01, Xan rated it really liked it. This is not a field of study you can merely handwave away.

Deutsch’s mathemat- ical proof of the multiverse Wired. The answer is, there can be other completely different infinities, other different “everything”s, created through initial conditions which are different from our own big bang.

From here on the logic follows that any extra dimension that a being perceives can be perceived fully while still in that dimension. I imagined each perception as a line of slight, taken from different points, through this mass of spheres, which would allow a person to see many different things in many ways, without adding to, or taking away from the mass of information.


Thing is a dimension is indeed a construct. The object we’re representing now exists within a plane that has length and width, but no depth.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension: A New Way of Thinking about Time and Space

Several times I have watched your video and tried to put your concepts into my own words to then see if my understanding could stand on its own. Since the dimensions he proposes are quite literally “imagined” that is, they can’t be confirmed or debunked through observation or experimentationhis “Imagining Ten Dimensions” bryqnton more correctly understood as a philosophy that builds upon bleeding-edge scientific ideas, such as the MWI, to provide context and scientific relevance to his ideas.

Thank you all for watching, and enjoy the journey!

That may seem counter-intuitive, but think of it this way. Dimensions can also be represented in other ways. Megan rated it really liked it Apr 04, The reference to string theory near the end is essentially the same as the reference to quantum mechanics: This is perhaps best summarized by a review that was left on his book’s amazon site: This can be easily shown by the simple question:

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