Encouraged to try a drug meant to banish indecision, he is all at once fired from his low-grade tech-support job in Manhattan and invited to a rendezvous in. Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis. He lives a dissolute existence in a tiny apartment with three (sometimes. A summary of Benjamin Kunkel’s first novel, Indecision, sounds like the premise for an outlandish thriller: A man diagnosed with abulia (chronic.

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Down Ecuador way

Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale indevision ‘Indecision’ Listen. Shoot me in the head, how did I think to give this three stars. Like David Copperfield, Dwight Wilmerding becomes the hero of his own life; and he carries this new, radicalised American self right back to the sources of his indecision, even unto the holy of holies, the Class Reunion itself, where his bashful lecture on the future of love and socialism is met with – can you guess?

I guess this is Kunkel’s attempt at satirizing the malaise that modern 20 year olds suffer via their overly medicated ADD existences, inndecision I just found the entire story a rambling, meandering, worthless waste of my time.

Reading “Indecision” made me doubt decisiveness but also made me realize indecisiveness sucks equally. The book is lighter than a feather and has absolutely no substance to it as it tells the story of an annoying 20 something who suffers from “indecision” about everything in his life. It is at the very least a meaningful commentary on our society’s growing reliance on drugs.

Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’ : NPR

The charm and surprise of Indecision make it eminently worth reading. And not just any autodidact Marxist intellectual, one who really does his homework.

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As you grow up, you’ll find this, Dwight, you keep getting involved with larger and larger illusions that take longer and longer to fall away. Can you talk a little about the tension between the comic and serious aspects of this novel, and which you wish to be its final effect?

And why is insecision that Dwight who KNOWS what “abscondating” means still cannot differentiate between “its” kunekl “it’s” in his emails?! And didn’t you always feel like you were humoring them, no matter what you said? Equally hacky, and not all that surprising, but still insulting nonetheless.

At the beginning, Indecision seems like a slightly wacky take on a slightly “different” coming of age novel there’s a premise of a wonder pharmaceutical that cures indecision; Kunkel’s narrator is not a teenager but a something. Statistically fair, it also kept my whole easy nature from forcing me to do everyone’s bidding; it ensured a certain scarcity of Dwightness on the market; it contributed the prestige of the inscrutable to my otherwise kubkel persona; and above all it allowed me to find out in my own good time whether I would actually have liked to do the thing in question.

I understand what Kunkel was trying to do, but he failed miserably. Ultimately, I got all the way to the end and thought “huh.

Maybe the one indfcision quality of Indecision is that it will make you reach for a real book, reach desperately and earnestly, the way a poisoned person reaches for the antidote. The plot is cutesy and contrived.

Because everything I liked about the book, the legitimately funny parts, the interesting characters that were the dudes sister and father, and well, I guess that is about it, everything good was ruined by something awful.

Yes, Kunkel is going to drag you into a remote, cheap-ass resort “among the usual suspects: But the narrator is dull and unsympathetic, and the author himself seems lost in trying to tell the guy’s story. The cover is the only redeeming quality about this book. He and a new character not Natasha are traveling into the Amazon jungle region of Ecuador with a native guide currently named Edwin.


Read it Forward Read it first. Of course, my indecisiveness about whether or not to finish the book is what eventually caused me indedision read an entire book that I was not enjoying- I kept thinking or hoping that it would change stupid!

Ditto for the characters. Granted, there were a few insightful sentences that I really liked. Then again, the writing of this narrative was not altogether consistent. And here is a nice segue, because uneven is really a very important word for this story as a whole. But then there’s the little stuff: But don’t I have it on good authority that this book sucks donkey balls?

Apr 11, Pages.

Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel

And then there is the ending! Will we ever kunkkel Dwight again? In a welcome reversal of Heart of Darkness syndrome, he becomes a real person – smart, contrite, politicised.

A night alone meant I could get a jump on The Uses of Freedom.

Maybe my slow temporal metabolism wasn’t equipped for kunkeel efficient digestion of modern—or postmodern—life, as it had apparently already been for some time. Books by Benjamin Kunkel. The dialogue was unnecessarily and unconvincingly effete.

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