The G-Series is more of a budget line effort from JBL (for those that couldn’t afford the SR series). I had, at one time, The G subs (loaded. No Cracks, very clean. Ready to use $ or Best Offer for the pair. Can be delivered in a 50 miles of Huntington Beach. Brand New Genuine JBL MR, g, G Corner. These are the 90° corners. They work for many different models but you might want to replace the entire.

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I tried them out today, but just with a standard stereo receiver. By far the best frequency range of all systems suitable for home cranking.

I’m undecided on 3 way vs 2 way. Is there a “smilie” for blowing smoke? I would suggest something nicer for home, a little h732 commercial. He’s not even advertising them for sale, thankfully.

I plan on using them for my mains in my living room. Does JBL make such a beast? View the Media Kit. More like a derivitive of a H married to a horn flare instead of “the Bum”.

A lot of these parts are no longer available. G7332 for the replies dudes.

Fred SanfordOct 14, Anyway, if they are sound Right now I am just going to use them for practice, so I think for that they should be fine. I’ve never heard them. They will work well if the cones aren’t rubbing already.


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I am trying to figure out if it is worth it. Nuetrik would be nice, but you can’t have everything. Can anyone vouch for the price or should I try to bargain a bit cheaper or avoid altogther? Need subs, quite apparently I believe the cabinets were plywood. If you hear scraping, they are toast.

JBL G with Altec B/B combo | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Originally posted by Audiopile I’ve heard this before, but have never understood it? All materials were of low quality, the handles and corners were breaking all the time.

The HF horns were blown in the ones I reworked and either replacement diaphragms were seemingly stupid expensive for t732 they were or made out of unobtainium. Thanks for the help guys From what I remember, the drivers where not typical mainstream JBL drivers of the day, like ‘s or 15’s and compression drivers, but rather some odd-ball special G series stuff. Yes, my password is: You may want to consider avoiding the JBL pro series for consumer applications. That would be great, then I could push it with one old receivers I have.

Anymore than that Dude It’s a decent trade off considering what they’ll do in a home theater system. I think I’m going to pass on these speakers for now.

Greetings from Jvl folks. If you don’t like them, you can sell the parts. The older Cabaret Line made a big mark in PA gear and these were an effort to ride on the coat tales of that success.


Sounds like they are bloated on the specs per usual. They turned out to be a pretty clean set of gray G’s. Jb, right though some people concentrate on getting big amps that have lots of headroom and then crank them up and overpower there speakers an blow them I go by the “Any amplifier can blow and speakers.

I can get the speakers for very cheap, but I am on vacation in California and so shipping them back to Michigan is going to be a chore. You can always buy better woofers cheap, JBL always built a reasonably nice box.

JBL G732 with Altec 511B/808-8B combo

Thanks for the responses guys. I would be very surprised if the woofers are originals The smaller VC’s sounded better with over-driven guitars. Thanks for the informative replies fellows-I appreciate the advice. It seems like the model number was crudely stenciled on looks like a potato stamp in black ink.

I am generally cautious in both cases.

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