JODConverter automates document conversions using DocumentFormat pdf = new DocumentFormat(“Portable Document Format”, “pdf”, “application/pdf”);. JODConverter automates document conversions using LibreOffice/OpenOffice. org – mirkonasato/jodconverter. package verter;. import tions;. import java. p;. import ;. /**. * Represents a document format.

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I might be able to help there. Hi, first of all, thanks for your code snippet, it was very useful! However, I would share one related issue: Thank you for you response! So it works fine for me.

I don’t have time to check this out right now. This is how you use it: Can also generate interactive ODF forms.

I need the entire stacktrace, and please use pastebin. The power of the library comes from XSLT manipulation of the odt format. This will be handled automatic. I already posted that issue in the Documentformaat google group before, but I haven’t got an answer yet.

Key features Developers What people say Contact. It is designed to provide the ODF developer community an easy lightwork programming API, portable to any object-oriented language. Thanks for your answer.


The message does say something along the lines of: If that works, then you can try to figure documentformatt why your converting doesn’t work.

I am on vacation with limited internet access. Make sure at least your setup works and that you can get something converted. Thanks for your soon answer. I need to convert a.

OpenDocument Format for developers

Words is a class library that enables your applications to perform a great range of document processing tasks. I updated my blog with the information about the Sun pdf viewer extension. Maybe the jodvonverter is that. Yes, I mean that method, but I made a mistake. But I can give you the following tips: Are you following my example to the letter? You might get help there.

OpenDocument Format for developers

It jodconferter the applications to directly create, retrieve, export, update or remove any content or layout element in OpenDocument-compliant files through a powerful scripting language.

Jodconvetter the Open Office 3. There is an extensive repository of available example code ready for use. Well something is wrong from jodconverters point of view. I modified your convertToPDFA method so I can export whatever file extension I want to PDF, by adding an extra parameter called formatand refactoring some internal private methods I won’t get into details because this textbox is so little.


Please read the comments in the source code if you want to understand it, or just ask in the comment section below. I got something like: It can be used as a Java library, a command line tool, or a Web application. So far nine plugfests have taken place, hosted by governments, academic institutions and companies in a number of countries.

Have a look here: The future is interoperability. If so, it is either a bug or feature, and it probably comes from openoffice and not jodconverter. It can be used from the command line.

Writing and reading ODF documents from applications is easy, whether you are talking about text documents, spreadsheet or presentatations. The stacktrace is also not so long. The main focus has been to prevent the programmer from creating invalid documents. Posted by Unknown at 4: Java, write once, run away! You should ask in the jodconverter forums, or the openoffice forum, or look in the openoffice documentation.

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