Kathrein parabolic antennas are made of aluminium and . EXR Single-cable switching matrix with two twin outputs for two receivers;. Therefore exclusively use software provided by Kathrein for your switching matrix (EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use. If you use a single-cable matrix (EXU ) or a single-cable changeover matrix ( EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use must be a “Universal.

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The selected menus, sub-menus and positions, as well as the parameters to be set, are each highlighted in colour. When you have finished configuring the satellite, press the Q green button. A variety of features include: Mains voltage Only operate the unit with the specif ed mains voltage marked on the rear of the-unit kathrejn on the external power pack!

Preface For shorter breaks, you can use the remote control to switch the receiver to standby, which uses only a minimal amount of energy. Opening the unit and attempting to repair it yourself voids all warranty claims! Note that with monthly activation intervals, the programme providers have different procedures for activating pay TV cards. Don’t show me this message again. After completion of the search, you will see the following message example: The following improvements have been achieved with the new Software Version 3.

Technical appendix, Diseqc, Commands for kathrein matrices – Kathrein MSK 125 User Manual

One cable manual Secure channel with PIN If your single-cable system allows the transmission frequency to be protected by inputting a PIN, this is the menu where that can be done.

Channel List Select the required activity using the 00 buttons. If you are unsure whether you wish to load the new software, you can initially set the reply to “No”. Q ctott Check your settings and if necessary call for expert help. Never open the unit. Your available options are for instance Germany and Austria.


Kathrein UFS si, UFS sw EXR //

Press the Q button to view the following additional items of information: Digital transponders transmit several TV and several radio programmes simultaneously on a single transmission frequency.

Improvement of satellite search mode New: You can find the necessary information transmission documentation supplied with your system. The receiver searches for the transmission channels on your single-cable system and shows in the next display the available transmission channels. Fault clearance if the receiver won’t katrein due to faulty transponder data or to prevent failure caused by this.

A Remember to program katgrein external recorder in accordance with the timer list registered in the receiver.

Plan recording Target external recorder f Recording ; V. Previously what you saw was the picture of the old channel that had previously been selected, even though the EPG was no longer set to kathrrin channel.

Press the QCED buttons to perform the setting. The C3CED buttons enable you to display the additional information for the preceding or following programmes in the order of the previously selected list see header.

Kathrein UFS 640si Operating Manual

The additional information available for a programme is displayed in its own window. Touching the parts inside the unit carries a risk of death due to electric shock!

The receiver uses the PID number to create a unique assignment for the video and audio data transmission. The channel you previously selected will now be shown inset slightly from the left. If the F standard connectors are not yet fitted on the cable, strip the insulation from the cable as shown in the following illustration and carefully twist the F standard connectors on to the ends of the cables until they are securely seated.

A maximum of two transmission channels are available and MHz. The software update can primarily only be loaded into the receiver via satellite.

The EXR feeds two single receivers or one twin receiver per connection and is thus ideally suited to expand single connections in existing matrix systems to give twin receivers. The selected menus, sub-menus and positions, as well as the parameters to be set, are each highlighted in colour.


Use the QCED buttons to select the required transponder from the various ones listed. The receiver now tests whether a connection to the single-cable system can be established or not. The following categories are available for selection: A line with the text “Password PIN” is then displayed. Kathrein dvb satellite receiver operating manual 88 pages.

Problem Cause Remedy “No or bad signal! J The button allows you to skip backwards and forwards through the future timer lists, a day at a time.

Page 16 Screen display Here you select the type of screen display, depending on the setting of your TV format: Pressing the yellow button again, or pressing the button exits this display again.

If changes do occur, the new channels have to be set in the receiver because the factory preset programming corresponds to the status on the date of manufacture.

Login – Access – Kathrein

A If you are recording using an external video recorder, remember not to operate the receiver during recording, otherwise all the on-screen displays will appear on your recording.

If you want to use the default channel list, choose “No” under pip “Restore Channellist”. First switch your TV set on and select the Kathdein channel slot. The cursor buttons Q0O0 allow you to select a recording.

Page of 88 Go. This unit makes use of legally protected technologies, which are protected by patents in the USA and also by other intellectual property rights in other countries. Using The Front Panel If you have misplaced your remote control, or if the batteries are empty, you can still operate your receiver from the front panel. Enter text from picture:

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