Kondratieff-Zyklus translation in German-English dictionary. Kondratieff-Zyklus und diskontinuierliche Innovationen (German Edition) – Kindle edition by Thomas Runte. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Translations for Kondratieff Zyklus in the PONS Online German» English Dictionary: Zyklus, der Zyklus der Jahreszeiten, ein Zyklus von Vorträgen.

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Health Economy and Management.

Retrieved from ” https: Disable autocomplete Translate upon paste Select term in search box. The PONS Dictionary delivers the reliability of a dictionary which has been editorially reviewed and expanded over the course of decades. How to succeed in a resource-limited world. A concise version of Kondratiev cycles can be found in the work of Robert Ayres in which he gives a historical overview of the relationships of the most significant technologies.

Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser. Klima-Zyklus von 35 Jahren.

Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Nefiodow the carrier of this new long cycle will be health in a holistic sense—including its physical, psychological, mental, social, ecological and spiritual aspects; the basic innovations of the sixth Kondratieff are “psychosocial health” and “biotechnology”. In economicsKondratiev waves also called supercyclesgreat surgeslong wavesK-waves or the long economic cycle are hypothesized cycle-like phenomena in the modern world economy.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources. If you want to copy vocabulary items to the vocabulary trainer, click on “Import” in the vocabulary list.

Antimarxistische These um empir. For the same reason the Chinese dictionary contains traditional and simplified Chinese terms on one side and Pinyin and English terms on the other.

Let me take this chance to thank all who contributed to the making of these dictionaries and improving the site’s quality:. These dictionaries are the result of the work of many authors who worked very hard and finally offered their product free of charge on the internet thus making it easier to all of us to communicate with each other.


More common today is the division into four periods with a turning point collapse between the first and second phases. Land is a finite resource which is necessary for all production, and they claim that because exclusive usage rights are traded around, this creates speculative bubbles, which can be exacerbated by overzealous borrowing and lending. How do I find the new sentence examples? InWilliam Thompson at Indiana University has published influential papers and books documenting eighteen K-Waves dating back to AD in China’s Song Province; [6] and Michael Snyder wrote “It should be noted that economic cycle theories have enabled some analysts to correctly predict the timing of recessions, stock market peaks and stock market crashes over the past couple of decades.

German-English translation for “Kondratieff-Zyklus”

Subsequent analysis concentrated on output. The entry has been added to your favourites. Kondratiev focused on prices and interest ratesseeing the ascendant phase as characterized by an increase in prices and low interest rates, while the other phase consists of a decrease in prices and high interest rates. Once kondratiefc have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere.

Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: So, now you can see how a concept is translated in specific contexts. If the file has been modified from its original kondratieft, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Writing in the s, Kondratiev proposed to apply the theory to the 19th century:.

English-German Dictionary

You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript code stored as a bookmark in you browser. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any influence of technology during the cycle that began in the Industrial Revolution pertains mainly to England. The editorially approved PONS Online Dictionary with text translation tool now includes a database with hundreds of millions of real translations from the Internet.

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File:Kondratiev-waves IT and Health with phase shift acc to Goldschmidt-AJW jpg – Wikipedia

Each of these waves has its innovation phasewhich is described as a technological revolution and an application phase in which the number of revolutionary innovations falls and attention focuses on exploiting and extending existing innovations. Views Read Edit View history. More recently the physicist and systems scientist Tessaleno Devezas advanced a causal model for the long wave phenomenon based on a generation-learning model [28] and a nonlinear dynamic behaviour of information systems.


Now you can drag this link from Bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Kondratiev Waves present both causes and effects of common recurring events in capitalistic economies throughout history. This article is about a phenomenon in economics. Harry Dent has written extensively on demographics and economic cycles. If you are searching for a word in Japanese Kanji dictionary and not receiving any results, try without Kana term in brackets.

Opportunity created the simple inspiration and genius for the Mayflower Compact for one example; Post-WWII and ‘s post-California gold rush bonanza, were times of great opportunity, low inequity, and this resulted in unprecedented technological industrial advance too. The most common way is by word input you must know which language the word is in but you can also use your browser’s search box and bookmarklets or favelets. Long wave theory is not accepted by most academic economists.

Archived from the kondratoeff PDF on Kondratiev’s ideas were taken up by Joseph Schumpeter in the s. Joseph Whitworth’s quote under American system of manufacturing Use of machinery.

For example, railways only started kodratieff the s, with steady growth for the next 45 years.

Kondratiev-waves IT and Health with phase shift and overlap. The following other wikis use this file: There are several modern timing versions of the cycle although most are based on either of two causes: Own figure by JohanSonn acc.

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