Kubizek met Adolf Hitler at a opera house in As Louis L. Snyder has pointed out: “Before long August began to regard his chance acquaintance as his best. This, August Kubizek gives. The son of an upholsterer in Linz, inspired early with a passion for music, Kubizek first met Hitler late in when both were. A valuable historical document from Hitlers only childhood friend.

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In the littie taverns the people sat drinking the local wine; everywhere you could hear the broad country dialect. Apart from a few legal documents we have Hitler’s own account in Mein Kampf, which may be suspect and is necessarily subjective; we have the accounts by a Sudeten tramp, Reinhold Hanisch, who knew him inand by some other more casual acquaintances in Vienna, as these accounts were given to the anti-Nazi journalist, Konrad Heiden, in the s; and we have the full account given by J osef Greiner, who knew Hitler when both were lodging in the Men’s Home in the Meldemannstrasse, firstduring Hitler’s second visit to Vienna in Septemberlater on Greiner’s return to Vienna in Certain sides of his character revealed themselves nowhere else.

He needed people with their contrasting interests, their ambitions, intentions, plans and desires. When I expressed my surprise he said, “I can’t bear it that you should mix with other young people and talk to them. Sheridan – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 9, Subject: Play and reality became confused in my excited mind.

August Kubizek – Wikipedia

He is the only one of almost a dozen teachers of whom Hitier, already at thattime, approved. The uniform of the customs official served as a cover for anything that may have htler on in the stormy sphere of his private life. He did not go to school, he did not bother about any practical training, he lived with his mother and let her keep him.

At the same time I studied the trumpet, trombone and musical theory, and played in the students’ orchestra. He was capable of loving and admiring, hating and despising, htler with the greatest seriousness. So many of his behaviors long rants on topics, belittling others, etc. Books by August Kubizek. A gentle spirit is what arises from that book, a spirit with a vision that was impeded between artistic and creative thoughts.


A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man, p. Anna was fourteen years older, Franziska twenty-four years younger, and Klara twenty-three years younger. The two years of his life thatfollowed were without any visible aim. In addition I knew a lot about music. Ever since that moment I have remained under the spell of the theatre. I swear to it before God and man. On the other hand, he needed an effective counterweight to the town, which always troubled and excited him and made constant demands on his interests and uitler talents.

But before showing this let us examine the meagre framework of fact into which it is fitted.

Nature surrounded him like the walls of a quiet, friendly room in which he could cultivate undisturbed his passionate plans and ideas. He would have kept this name throughout his life had not J hitlrr Nepomuk Hiedler, J ohann Georg’s younger brother, made a will and lefta modestsum to the illegitimate son of his brother. He had, as he said, beaten the school at its own game.

But I do hktler distinctly how much it impressed me that my friend wrote poetry and carried his poems around with him in the same way that I carried my tools.

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

For the sole reason that Adolf wanted, for a change, to see his beloved Linz from the east, I had hitlre make with him the unattractive climb up the Pfennigberg, in which the Linzers, as he complained, didn’t show enough interest.

Forfirst, although Hitler was undoubtedly crafty and crooked and mean and inhuman, the most obvious fact about hitlerr character was the devouring, systematic will power which he was afterwards to show and which must have been present in embryo even atthattime; and secondly, although we know that Hitler became utterly cynical and inhuman, it is difficult kuibzek believe that he was always thus.

One day when we were taking a walk he suddenly stopped, produced from his pocket a little black notebook — 1 still see it before me and could describe it minutely — and read me a poem he had written.


I would recommend it to anyone who finds Hitler a worthy subject to know about, but if you read to try to understand why he is so cruel, you won’t find the answer here.

It shows no trace of the qualities which be mustalso have possessed. Her eyes were very beautiful”. In the first place the eleven-year-old boy found it difficult to adapt himself to the new surroundings.

He himself writes about those years: We were both fairly good swimmers, but my mother, nevertheless, was nervous. To live meant to change one’s conditions, a trait which I experienced in Adolf too. He was arrested by American forces shortly afterwards and held at Glasenbach, where he was imprisoned and interrogated by the U.

Adolf Hitler and Stefanie Rabatsch

On December 21,she died. Every day he would pay his morning visit to the inn with an official’s punctuality. Stefanie was a distinguished-looking girl, tall and slim.

But in practice we conformed to this principle, because in my life music had long since become the decisive factor– 1 worked in the workshop only to make my living. In spite of my kubkzek and devotion to my parents, the grownups did not mean very much to me.

Trivia About The Young Hitler There is no doubt that my friend Adolf had shown a giftfor oratory from his earliest youth. But all the more intensely did we occupy ourselves with whatever performance there happened to be and sensed that we both had the same enthusiasm kubuzek the theatre. Itshows a young girl with pretty, regular features.

She was a rather pretty girl, hitlre and reserved. Perhaps that story lies in the early undocumented relationship that he had with his father.

Stefanie stated in interviews that she was unaware of Hitler’s feelings towards her, and little is known about her life. I don’t understand why Kubizek put up with him.

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