Buy Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Main by Lawrence Durrell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Bitter Lemons of Cyprus is Lawrence Durrell’s unique account of his time in Cyprus, during the s Enosis movement for freedom of the. On a Mediterranean island divided, a man finds peace in a time of perilous unrest in this stunning memoirIn , as the British Empire relaxes its grip upon the.

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Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus

I have tried to review merely what I thought were the pertinent points to my presentation regarding the fascinating Bitter Lemons, and have had to limit my dyrrell accordingly. View all 6 comments. These are the invention of the big nations. In the long run, things have more or less worked out. It seems a new constitution, with mostly stick and no carrot, was outlined in broadsheets.

This page was last edited on 16 Augustat His heroic acts were rendered futile by the fact that the rescuing fleet never arrived.

Fortunately there is more to this classic of travel writing than irritating portraits of the locals. I’m surrounded by trees, durrelll the thought of sitting in the shade on a hot summer’s day seems so exotic to me. Lawrence Durrell loves Grecian-ness almost as much as he disparages actual, flesh-and-blood Greeks.

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

Although the title gives the game up, this book is like a perfume bihter opening notes of neroli and lemon give way to something uncomfortable and off-putting, like strong imortelle. It was simply that the sight of me pained them.

Want to Read saving…. Lawrence also has the same gift as his brother,Gerald, for depicting the charming quirks of the characters he encounters, and there are some delightful episodes such as when he attempts to negotiate the purchase of a house, which has all the melodrama you would expect fr Boy, I did find this hard going.


And Durrell’s oldest friend on the island, a schoolmaster, a kind old man, is gunned down by men wearing masks. Durrell quotes from British Cyprus by Hepworth Dixon This was my first durrelll by Lawrence Durrell who is most famous for the Alexandria Quartet. Let’s be political for a little while. All three came to Cyprus with one purpose or objective, or idea, or goal, but destiny and the political need of rupture thwarted their designs.

The book was written inand many leemons the topical details that would be familiar to most people at the time ended up being over my head.

Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus by Lawrence Durrell – Canongate Books

True, it appears to have been an inopportune time, with, according to Durrell, Athens radio whipping up the stupid peasants with ideas of independence. Do I imagine it or does the writing style have a certain quality that places it in the ss?

The Mediterranean locale is revealed with clarity and not obscured by overdone adjectives lemonns the other pitfalls that come with infusing poetry into more elaborate prose. His work lawrencd shaped with a never-failing sense of aesthetics.

The courage that this brave hero showed throughout his torments was incredible. Be the first to ask a question about Bitter Lemons of Cyprus.

I abandoned myself to the running tide, not swimming, but simply keeping afloat, to be drawn smoothly out into the bay from where the whole screen of luminous mountains was visible. But something more than this. He was a bit insufferable. Much as we Greeks have made a horrible mess of things in Cyprus and in many other places besides, you come to realize that the love the author has for Cypriots is the love a slave owner can truly and honestly sometimes feel for his slave.


It is a love of the land, the people and, primarily, the past. In the only portrait I have seen the eyes are grave and beautiful, full of impenitent life of their own; the eyes of a woman who has enjoyed much adulation, who has travelled much and loved much. Would it be fair to say that Durrell is just a product of his time? The reader need not agree or even like the point of views depicted therein.

When Egypt and Syria were of first-rate value to the West, Cyprus was of first-rate value to the West. I read this many years ago and loved it.

Fragments of history touched with the colours of wine, tar, ochre, blood, fire-opal and ripening grain. Buffavento, Saint Hilarion, Kantara, all these castles were built one after the other along the narrow Pentadaktylos mountains, but sadly when you search for them on Google you see them as castles in Northern Cyprus. Every Cypriot should read this book despite the very British approach to the writing it talks of the beautiful island that I know and love so eloquently that it honestly made me emotional at times.

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