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Books by Lisa Kleypas. You” He tecas me. I didn’t like the fact I had to wait a year to read this book. There kleyaps no “hero saves the heroine” part in this book, which is something I always like in my romance novels, no matter how strong of a heroine she is. This is usually in regards to the male love interest’s behavior, and a strict adherence to traditional gender roles. Very few advanced the story, because it never felt like the sex had an effect on their relationship.

This heroine is in some ways still too fragile at the end. My favorite thing about this book was watching the heroine fall in love with the baby over time. I can’t say exactly that I didn’t like the book, but I didn’t find the romance believable and I didn’t find the characters compelling. There really wasn’t anything going on in this story other than Ella’s constant battle k,eypas keep herself guarded against becoming too emotionally attached to Jack while she feel in love with her sisters baby.

Con il suo spirito pratico, Ella si presenta da colui che tutti indicano come il padre di Luke, il miliardario Jack Travis.

It was so sad to see a woman who wrote an advice column called “Ms Independent” easily turn into “Mrs. Aug 31, I thought it was boring and really had to keep myself reading when I normally would have tossed it. You couldn’t find a five star new read so you reread a five star book instead. Even though the narrative is in first person from her perspective, there seems to be little depth to her character. She really hit the jackpot! This last book in the trilogy seemed like a watered down version of the first two.


Don’t get me wrong, I love babies ,isa I didn’t really sign up to read about a woman’s story about a newly acquired baby- I signed up to read a roma I love Lisa Kleypas’ historical romance novels, but this contemporary really didn’t work for me.

And my reasons are this: I liked that Ella was funny, and that Jack was manly enough without getting on my nerves. Jack TravisElla Varner. Capda if Ella annoyed me to no end, her sister and their relashionship made completely furious! When I first read this book, more then 3 years ago, I rated it 4 stars but I did not write a review so I don’t know what made me give such high rating. Some of her books will go down in the history of my favorite romances of all time.

Good shorthand source for various elements of dramatic tension. I love Lisa Kleypas’ historical romance novels, but this contemporary really didn’t work for me. She should have just eaten what she wanted. I love character driven stories if the characters are interesting. Like it’s not focusing kleyaps sex or some fantasy realm. She’s like a ballerina trying to break dance. Commenti sul post Atom.

I thought it was far from that. Babies and first person aside.

Alice (Italy)’s review of Una calda estate in Texas

The way he carried himself – the confidence ileypas his walk, the relaxed set of his shoulders – proclaimed that he was accustomed to being in charge. Jack is too perfectly klrypas with z This was a disappointment for me. I love what you did. If you’re anything like me though, and would like some occasional soft moments in between you’re frequent bouts of “love-making” you’re going to be disappointed.


The story was very generic. I know I could have paid 25 bucks for the hardcover, but my money tree Before I give my review I have to state for the record that I was already biased against this book.

9788804625582 Una CALDA Estate in Texas – Lisa Kleypas T. Albanese

Una calda estate in Texas. Without the excuse of sex, the author actually had to develop their relationship through words and actions, and that part was interesting! The heroine is Ella, a unique and inde To me this book was just ok. I can’t explain it otherwise.

It was so sweet and made me cry just remembering when my son was that little, and the love that just took you over day by day, and for that I give it 2. In this case, women obviously shouldn’t want attractive vegans who enjoy the outdoors not hunting, just hiking and things care about the environment, and encourage open communication. I think of you as an equal.

That’s their only form of conflict resolution: On top of that, Ljsa never got why Jack was interested in Ella. You don’t have to be politically correct all the time, geez! The plot was a standard-feeling mix of stock situations, un-exciting but competently handled.

But when it’s an author you worship, someone who has given you more reading pleasure than anyone else, it’s really depressing. I work with children all day, I read romance novels to escape. When he’d known her for maybe a day???? Also, it’s extremely unlikely that three brothers would grow up to all be alpha males. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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