Guess who they pass this cost to Since you say you’ve tried installing XP over the top of itself, and you don’t want to reformat, there may be another option left to you. What was the best tech product of ? Fri May 30, 4: He killed his mobo oc’ing- it’s painfully obvious.

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But after a while, my network doesnt work anymore Network adapter not working. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. I even reinstalled windows not a format install, just update and tried a pci network card, and still doesnt work.

Unknown device 01ed rev a2 Don’t worry mang, there are still some people around here willing to help. Are you talking about the onboard Nnetwork ethernet port. If the answers are ‘yes’ and ‘yes’, I would attach the drive to the other machine, pull off the important stuff, put the drive back in your machine and start from scratch.

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I keep a 4 gig HD with Win2K on it for this sort of thing. It’s the most popular and best selling nForce 1 and 2 board out there. Since you say you’ve tried installing XP over the top of itself, and you don’t want to reformat, there may be another option left to you. I think the Asus mobos get more of this because they have a reputation for overclockability.


Jul 29, Posts: If your network comes back format rinse and repeat.

A month later the issue returns out of the blue. This led to corruption due to the hard-drive not being able a7nx8 keep up.

You purposely overclock, voiding your warranty and complain how you killed it and then say you want to RMA it? Fri May 30, 4: I doubt you did damage to any hardware. It happens a lot and it’s wrong.

Try to fix it, or buy another, but we don’t want to pay for your experiment. I’m surprised chkdsk came up clean. You’ll have to delete Windows from the recovery console, of course.


I have the cpu running at stock betwork now and it doesnt help. Should i RMA or reformat? I’ll tell you what, why doesn’t everyone who feels this is cool send this guy some money. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Motherboard Specifications, A7N8X-LA (Explorer 2)

It sounds like that’s happened to you. In any event, I would set everything back to stock speeds, then do a reformat and reinstall if things don’t return to normal. I hope the latter. Fri May 09, 8: Mar 13, Posts: Originally posted by ugawd: Network adapter not working Hi!


No, because the company has actually factored in RMAs into the cost structure. I guess that good stuff comes with nForce3.

So before I move on to ASUS’ explicit implementation, lets have a quick recap of the features the chipset brings to the table.