The transfer of roughly GB of data will take slightly less than an hour. The ExaSAN unit immediately displayed a drive failure message, one of the blue lights on the front went out, indicating a drive failure, and a never-ending series of three beeps indicated that there was a problem with the unit. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. I like having a printed Getting Started guide. The unit they shipped contained eight 2 TB drives, with a formatted capacity of 14 TB.

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The transfer of roughly GB of data will take slightly less than an hour.

Accusys InneRAID Slim SATA ACS – Storage Accessories for Geeks and Pros

Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. The longer length of the supplied cables is nice.

One power cord and one interface cable that only goes into the card one way. Connecting everything was easy. For that reason a RAID 5 is in my future. So, while these files were copying, I pulled out a hard disk, to simulate a failure. If you are truly paranoid about your data, select RAID 6.

Storage Accessories for Geeks and Pros

A decrease in total storage is normal for any RAID — roughly equal to the size of one hard drive. The power button is on the back.


Intel develops high-speed silicon laser modulator. Stripe size defaults to a size designed to handle large files. The models for 2. Press it and eight lights on the front turn yellow. Hmmm… Maybe the Installer package folder.

January 5, at This does not only offload the remaining mirroring workload from the CPU, but it also allows for the operation of two 2. The nature of hard disks, by the way, makes reads always slower than writes.

A16S3-PS -Accusys

Are your RAIDs pre-formatted, or does the user need to set them up; in other words, how long does the configuration process take? Wiebetech Combo Dock V4.

Everything was labeled for Windows.

That is the default setting. I decided to see what happens when a hard drive dies. The unit they shipped contained eight 2 TB drives, with a formatted capacity of 14 TB. The unit had a standard power plug, but there was no way to lock the power cord to the chassis accusyys keep it from accidentally being pulled out.

Hence you may open or close the bays, but nothing will happen once you remove or add a drive. The initial configuration does take a long time, this could be one of the value-adds the reseller provides. With years of experience in storage market, our product lines fulfill versatile applications, ranging from small offices to mission-critical data centers, and covering all major storage interfaces.


The last four steps on configuring the RAID which the Guide illustrates do not seem to be part of the standard installation. When I reinserted the drive, the beeping stopped cacusys about 15 seconds, and, again, there was no drop in data transfer speed.

I was told later the easiest way to accsuys it out is to cut open the bottom and lift the box off from the RAID. Still not a lot of clues. The formatting took less than 5 seconds. Rebuild would take a little longer, about 8. As a note, I sent Mas this dialog for his review prior to publishing this newsletter.

The Accusys device performs very much like a single hard drive, which in our case was a Western Digital Scorpio WD It also has a piezo speaker, which the device uses to notify the user of drive failure.