Yes, you can use your parallel phone line. When the modem is configured and working correctly, all LED indicator lights turn to solid green. Do not plug or unplug the power cord. Group interval is the re-key period expressed in seconds. Basic installation settings of your WAV are now complete.

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This prevents that client machine from joining the WAV wireless network. Your VoIP service provider requires all numbers to be dialed as international numbers With the above rules defined you can continue dialing long distance numbers and international numbers as you are used to, i.

By using the Easy Setup CD with animated instructions, or, 2. Aorties DNS system is, in fact, its own network. It is not recommended to keep all the ports open for any client for an extended period. It is important that you enter your email address correctly since your account details will be sent to this email address.

AirTies WAV-180 Manuals

UDP ports use the same port numbers for both. For example, when you try to go to the www. WPA airrties the latest and most advanced wireless encryption standard and provides you with the highest level of data protection. Do not use the phones connected to the device during lightening storms.


Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP Router |

WEP is an earlier wireless security protocol. If you select one of the predefined VoIP service providers, you dial the same way you always do for your local, long distance and international calls. QoS allows data packets from selected applications to be given priority during Internet transfer.

Note that a wireless USB adapter supporting Mbps e. You can reconnect after the router comes back up. These rules are defined based on the following assumptions: Retain this manual for future reference.

Plug the power adapter provided into the V wall outlet and the other end of the power cord to the WAV URL Filters You can block access of any computer in your local network to the websites of your choice.

Airties WAV Manuals

Should neither of these apply in your case, you can skip to the next section. You can find payment instructions for your VoIP operator on their related web page. You call using your regular phone.

In the WAV Firewall menu, you can also define advanced rules to limit or block the Internet access of any local user. Static Routing Static routing rules define which gateway is to be used to reach a particular IP address on the Internet.


You can also have a wired connection to its Ethernet or USB ports. The next screen will show that you have successfully registered.

After logging in again, go to the VoIP menu on the left menu bar. If you are not connected to the Internet even though the lights are green, contact your ADSL service provider.

AIRTIES WUS-300 125Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

During either operation, the connection to the router will be lost. For good voice quality, the minimum connection speed recommended is Kbps. Check the information on your VoIP operator’s website for prepaid minutes. What kind of security is provided while my voice is being transmitted over the Internet? It is recommended that you choose one of 1,6, or 11 as the channel number. The WAV has all modes checked by default.

Select the access point s you would like to include in the Mesh network by checking the corresponding box es. Therefore, communication is airtids affected if a route has problems.