Türk İnkılap Tarihi; Ali İhsan GENCER, Sabahattin ÖZEL, Der Yayınları, İstanbul. Supporting. Course. Book. 1. Nutuk, C.I-II-III, (M. Kemal ATATÜRK). 2. et Şahin “Nutuk” Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa “Türk İnkılâp Tarihi” Dr. Ali İhsan Gencer, Dr. Sabahattin Özel “Türk inkılâp Tarihi” Prof. Dr. Hamza Eroğlu. Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap. Tarihi I. Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Ali İhsan Gencer-Sabahattin Özel, Türk İnkılap Tarihi, İstanbul:Der Yayınları,

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The pedagogy program for history teachers runs for two semesters, and the courses in this program cf. For example, the field was thaught not to teach problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to students.

In history lessons ink,ap particular, students are expected to use primary and secondary sources, letters, photographs and different versions of a given historical event.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi by Sabahattin Özel

Teacher-Students were given new courses in pedagogy during this period, and the new structures of education faculties required student teachers to spend more time in schools for teaching practice. The departments were also given another role, supporting the national state, until the end of the s. Access information and use information sources. History Teacher Education System in Turkey Although the origins of teacher education are reputed to go back to the reign of Sultan Mehmetthere are not enough reliable resources to confirm this claim.

Identify laws and regulations.

The purpose of this curriculum reform was to renew the curriculum at primary and secondary levels in Turkey. There was also pressure from the European Union for Turkey to reform education and other fields.


History teacher-students could gain qualified teacher status through non-thesis, his- tory teacher education programs from toand were given education through both genver and school-based studies. Beside this, he wanted Turkish historians to explore and write about Turkish history based on their research.

Most literature on this field was translated from other languages. History is a compulsory subject in Turkish high schools.

Carry on their profession personally and within a group in coordination with a team. History teaching and history teachers, which were important tools in the creation of the nation-state, were also subject to the attention of Ataturk and his colleagues. In Turkey, all teacher education, both at primary and secondary levels, is embedded in university programs. If we examine the curriculum of these history teacher education departments from toit appears that the great majority of courses were on history, and his- tory teacher candidates were being educated like historians.

In this case, pure historians who do not have any education in pedagogy or how to inmlap history offer these courses in arts faculties.

Preparing a critical diary based on teacher-stuends observation was one of the important activities in this process.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi

Tadihi studies lessons have been in service instead of national history lessons in the upper levels of primary schools since This development was criticized by conservative parts of Turkish society. History teacher-students were given a non-thesis master degree at the end of these five years.

Some arts faculties have also been allowed to organize pedagogy courses in certain universities. People suffered and were in trauma during this period, in which Turkish nationalism emerged.

Hahnsche Buchhandlung, ; Fenster zur. Skip to main content.

Reform of History Teacher Education in Switzerland Follow qualified law conferences and scientific activities. Teaching History Didactics in Australia Before the recent changes, history education in Turkish secondary 16 MEB The main purpose of history departments is to educate students as scientists of history.


Make a judgment and a decision. Curriculum Organization of non-thesis history teacher education courses from to The inklsp that are offered during each semester of the history teacher education program are as follows.

The purposes and content of history education were re- shaped in the light of nationalist history, especially aali The content of history curricula from 9th to 12th grades are as follows: Follow judiciary case laws and doctrines. All history teacher education departments in education faculties offered history courses before the reform of teacher education.

With this in mind, history education and history teacher education will be explained from a historical perspective. The teachers also advised students how to overcome their limitations by learning from experi- enced history teachers and mentors yarihi education faculties.

Sabahattin Özel (Author of Türk İnkılap Tarihi)

Today, history is a part of the core curriculum at all secondary schools, and is only taught at secondary level. History teacher-students were observed by experienced history teachers and their teaching- practice colleagues during this period. For this reason, history teachers are still important figures in transmitting the knowledge of the past and of Turkish culture in the eyes of the majority of society in Tencer.

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