I wanna sell my Apexi I-Moni which i bought at japan before. The iMONI is probably the coolest little gizmo to hit the performance scene. pdf · Apexi Imoni Obd2 Gauge Instruction Manual Japanese, M Wire Colours Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Manual Instructions Apexi Imoni OBD2 Gauge. i ‘m not getting a power to this thing, its brand new, and the cigarette adapter is in. the obd-2 port is right under the area with the vsa switch.

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Once it has been removed put it in a safe place in case you need to go back to your factory computer. Airflow should be stable at idle, apexii mv millivolts. Christmas New year special. Watch the knock value under Monitor 1 Channel. No ones gives a rats ass about Power Excel and most use Datalogit 2. Anyone have a Honda city turbo for sale?

Apexi I-Moni Digital Display | Zerotohundred Forums

If you experience the hand controller freeze problem click here to get some help on it. The PowerFC has a map for inlet air temperature which is not accessible by the Hand Controller but the table apexk still used by the PowerFC if it picks up Air Temp from the factory sensor. Previously the older style new units were the main ECU only. The pictures contained below are mostly taken from the Imonl forum and other forums found in google.

So the result is, the engine drops to 0deg IGN timing for a split second and it pops and backfires on gearchange, race car style.

NEW Apexi i-Moni…

This would certainly give a good power advantage in the midrange and top end. It also allows you to save your tune to a. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.


The harness is usually screwed into the ECU so you need a Phillips head to undo the bolt in the middle. I have a Honda HR-V for sale.

There is a new product on the way due for release in August which is the FC Tune. It all comes down to tuning and how the car drives, average power is the key here. A deleted copy of the document is here: You may notice if you dial in more or less IGN timing on that cell, that it is ignored for idle loop. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Set of Honda Accord Cl7 tail lights.

Flatlander-IPP Nederland – APEXI i-Moni

Support is provided locally and you can contact them before or after sales via their website. I found it very handy to plug datalogit into a laptop and use the laptops video out to my built in TV screen to preform Advanced Knock log whilst driving around, very helpful but certainly not required.

R33 Skyline diff options. R32 GTR 6 cyl trouble shooting. If you enter the wrong values, this could aprxi fatal to your engine so be careful. Ya thats what i was thinking. There are lots of local tuners so that shouldnt be an issue and everything is supported. Imini points are, very tidy body apeci as and has Mags with low profile tyres good tread. The dongle box has a very simple circuit diagram to translate the communication between the PowerFC and the software. What model do I need?

Apexi PowerFC FAQ

You can then work out which is causing the engine light to flash. The D-Jetro Power FC units carry the same functions as the regular Power FC units but do not require the use of the factory standard air flow meter and use a mass air pressure sensor.


The main issue with remaps is you cant adjust jack shit once its remapped and most tunes are expensive each time as they do a complete burn of the chip. Note the rubber covered button located low on the B pillar, a button which is pressed by the door when the door is closed. From time to time there are various rumours or confusion over specific ECU models. Latest versions of the software are also immoni in the user groups for download.

I am maxing out the PowerFC! Can I tune the car myself? By a;exi Started 3 hours ago. Presumably this would be in the case of an auto car apeexi needs auto shift logic control. Turn car ON 2. Turn car to ACC 4.

There is a small imlni from the time of purchase, to receiving the Datalogit box and software. Here is a short list of apeci working replacement map sensors; AEM 3. By Blakeo Started 8 hours ago. Ikoni Suspect it was a plain run of X hand controller to suit most models as there was only made.

Main Thread on rx7club. As they are an item outsourced from Apexi, their pricing is higher than the regular models. Have your drivers door open, turn the key on to ignition and within 5 seconds press the door light switch 7 times. Externally, yea it’s ugly as hell, every panel is rough looking and its at least 3 different colours Yeah, I count faded clear coat as a colour but the bones of it are strong and it doesn’t leak or have any significant rust There’s surface bits here and there.

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