It shouldn’t and please accept our condolences. When motion is detected the camera can send an E-mail to notify you. The app is specially tailored for Apexis IP cameras, but there are a lot of Apexis compatible cameras around. Mosaic with 4 or 6 cameras In the mosaic view you have the ability to view 4 portrait or 6 landscape live video streams simultaneously. In the mosaic view you have the ability to view 4 portrait or 6 landscape live video streams simultaneously.

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apexis ip camera

Which cameras are supported? I cannot save snapshots to the camera roll.

When enabled, faces that are in the camera’s apexos will be tracked with a green rectangle. We, the makers of the app, are not related to Apexies in any way. But then night-vision will not work correctly anymore. Swipe for more controls In portrait the controls are available on the bottom of the screen.

Be sure the switch is in the ON position. We independently developed this app especially for their products. Please note there is only room for a limited number of beta users.

Apexis IP Control Pro

In this screen you can swipe to the correct camera, pinch to zoom and access a menu with option by tapping the upper edge of the screen. If you have a Linux computer available you could try this this shows when a redirect is active:. This is not related to the app, if you try the Apexis camers interface you will see the same image.


See your camera’s web camear to verify this. Next time you buy an IP-camera, be sure it has an IR-cut filter. The settings for Apexis cameras are built right into our open source surveillance software iSpy and our Windows Service based platform, Agent – click “Add” then “IP camera with wizard” to automatically setup your Apexis cameras.

Troubleshooting When you experience problems please first refer to the FAQ to troubleshoot problems. Some basic understanding of computer networks is required. Some models camfra moving in 4 directions, other models support moving in 8 directions. HTTP request sent, awaiting response Some cameras are being delivered with a unique camera URL on the box like cameraname.

Presets are pre-defined camera positions.

Connect to Apexis IP cameras

When zoomed in, the image can camra panned or double tapped to view to fit. Check here for a feature matrix. Easy set-up with QR-code new feature! Some cameras are equipped with an optical zoom lens.


Your camera is not supported. Scan the QR-code of the camera, follow a few easy steps and your camera has been added. The controls don’t come up. Presets Presets are pre-defined camera positions.

Swipe to view more up to ! I cannot save snapshots to the camera roll show answer hide answer A: Supported cameras Below is a list of supported camera ca,era with the features that are supported in the app. And if you need support we answer personally and as soon as possible.

Apexis IP camera URL

Please remove the app and reinstall it through the App Store you’re not being charged twice. Please refer to our tutorials below for some help. The video image can be zoomed in and out by using the pinch gesture. When you experience problems please first refer to vamera FAQ to troubleshoot problems.