When a game is over, pressPressto play again. Plays current music file. If you press, theunit will not connect to the computer. List all tracks and folders. Connect earphones to the MP3 Hard Disk2. Moves selected file up playlist. Adds selected file to playlist.

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Then usemove cursor and select a music file and presslist whenortoto play the file. To take full advantage of thebattery, charging the battery for 10 hours before initial use is p,ayer. Figure Figure There are 3 selections in the Library List: Connect earphones to the MP3 Hard Disk2. Resets to default track name.

Enters into a selected function or make a selection. Press once to turn the power on;Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it off.

ATMT MP180 User Manual

List all tracks and folders. When thetop menu layer is reached, pressingPressingPresswill show no response.


Tell us what’s missing. Figure 7Following Figure 7, useorto move the cursor up ordown to select a music file or folder.

Moves in the oppositedirection to unlock all buttons.

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The Function List has five sections: Folder views Detail, Brief, or Icon. When thetop Menu layer is reached, pressingPressingPress.

Copies new firmware to the MP3 Hard Disk.

Tell us about it. Your manual failed to upload My Favorite can hold upto tracks. Removes selected music file from playlist. Plays the next track or hold to fastforward.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Play Mode has two different functions, Shuffle and Repeat. Copies and adds selected file or folder to MP3 Hard Disk. The unit can also be used as an external hard drive.

Presson an edited list e. Adds selected file to playlist. If the unit is unresponsive, check and make sure the Hold m3p is OFF. The battery is charged by powerfrom the computer.


Changes playing order; set to Off default or On. Adds music file to MP3 Hard Disk folder.

ATMT Dab MP3 Player

Ittakes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Pressing sometimes more thanonce in playback np3 can also bring up the Library List as illustrated in Figure Wait a few seconds until the screen displays the image in Figure 4 or Figure 5. Plays current music file. When thetop menu layer is reached, pressing either of these buttons again willreturn to the playback screen.

Turn off the MP3 Hard Disk.