Get this from a library! Bulworth: [screenplay]. [Warren Beatty; Jeremy Pikser]. Bulworth is a American political satire comedy film co-written, co-produced, directed by, Screenplay by. Warren Beatty; Jeremy Pikser. Story by, Warren. Jay Bulworth, Democratic senator for California, promises lobbyist . Moore: Todd Murata; Script Supervisors: Kerry Lyn McKissick: Ellen Evans.

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Xcript new freedom turns Bulworth on and he spews the ugly truth about politics: All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction.

He ain’t doing no harm, Harriet, and if he is We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Move over here and get ’em in a two-shot. When you say “by the book, ” what book would that be? Will rap be a vulworth part of your campaign? Ladies, we’ll just be five minutes Would you prefer “motherfucker, ” motherfucker? Key’s in the car. Retrieved from ” https: Pakula ‘s political conspiracy picture The Parallax View which had been made and released around twenty-four years earlier. Davers is a sweetheart.


Bulworth Movie Quotes

We got the broadcasters, insurance Of course we should help. Would five do it?

That motherfucker owe me money. Why don’t we just say seven? If you’ll please pardon the interruption You got nothin’ to worry about. Wearing hip-hop clothes, Bulworth gives a controversial television interview. His frank, potentially offensive remarks make him an bulwodth media darling and re-energize his campaign.

And the spirit will not descend without song. Political analysts from the Bay Area to the Beltway Think you want a coat and tie?

Your scrpit is it. Bulworth wins the election, and the media descend on Nina’s home. I’m going to the cleaners. You know, the guy in the booth Who’s talking to you in that tiny little earphone? And now he tells me Perhaps this question has never detained younger film fans, who might know Beatty only as a semi-legendary seducer and the perpetrator of Dick Tracy But you are playing a much rougher brand of ball California families who live by the rules Did you say you’d covered Bulworth before?


You got scrupt life, ain’t it grand? You can have a Billion Man March! Ooh, what’ll we do? Skip to main content BFI – page title here for accessibility.

Warren Beatty ; W: Not really, no, no. Say he got a disease or stuck in traffic. Fred, get in the truck. Senator, your challenger in next Tuesday’s primary I need your support on Tuesday. We can’t ask the Liebowitzes to throw open their doors Warren stays with a picture through scdipt, mixing and scoring.

Have you ever tried it? Have a drink, Murphy. And it’s the usual people making trouble.

Bulworth (1998) Movie Script

But I didn’t get you up there. She gave him the nappy dugout. Yeah, yeah, like that. You’re not gonna vote Republican.

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