Consult Caparol’s OptiGrund E.L.F. brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/2. Find out all of the information about the Caparol product: concrete primer / acrylic resin-based / exterior / interior OPTIGRUND. Contact a supplier or the parent. Product color: Caparol Primer OptiGrund E.L.F.. The pictures of the goods may not correspond to the actual appearance, color, size or shape of the goods and.

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We will describe appropriate working methods, if a substrate not specified above is to be coated. Advice for allergy sufferers with isothiazolinone allergy: The exact rate of consumption is best established by trial application. In conjunction with a black light lamp, the special UV indicator provides verification of priming even after a following coat. Optiigrund completely empty containers capaeol be handed in for recycling.

For exterior and interior use. Material Properties Low odour. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

Caparol Optigrund ELF

Particular attention should be optgirund to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures. The priming coat must not form a continuous, glossy film, but due to the special UV indicator a slight surface lustre will appear. Due to the special SilaCryl technology extremely fine particles the material is deeply penetrating and enhances hydrophobic properties.


Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the product. Apply one coat of undiluted material on substrates with normal absorbency. Minimum Temperature for Application and Drying: To retain the specific properties, OptiGrund should not be mixed or thinned with any other materials. Open the catalog to page 1. Due to the special SilaCryl technology extremely fine particles the primer is deeply penetrating to the substrate and enhances hydrophobic properties.

Dispose containers with residues of liquid product via waste collection point accepting old paints and enamels. Do not allow product to enter drains, waterways or soil. Silicone modified, aqueous acrylic resin hydrosol.

Capagol case of contact with eyes or skin, immediately and thoroughly rinse with water.

Technical Assistance As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates and their specific problems, please request our technical assistance in case of queries.

See Technical Information No. Open the catalog to page 2. Customer Service Centre Tel.: Apply one coat of undiluted product. May produce an allergic reaction. Disposal Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a optiyrund way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities.


For exterior and interior use.

Caparol OptiGrund E.L.F.

Catalog excerpts OptiGrund E. Ensure good ventilation during use and drying. Technical information Technical Information No.

To do this, the coating is carefully scraped away down to the substrate and illuminated with an ultraviolet lamp. Surface Coating System On su bstrates with normal absorbency: Technical Data Application Suitable Substrates Substrate Preparation Surface Coating System The substrates must be sound, dry, clean, and free from all materials that may prevent good adhesion.

To do this, the coating is carefully scraped away down to the substrate and illuminated with an ultraviolet lamp.

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