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Stand construction and technical services. Wall Mount Motion Otex Motion detectors have a wide assortment of uses to catxlogue many different requirements of assorted users. The video surveillance market is growing constantly, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology More information. It may cause interferences with other. Welcome Welcome to the Optex Intruder Detection Catalogue Optex is one of the world s leading manufacturers of high performance intruder detectors.

A third infrared beam sends alignment information from the receiver to the transmitter and allows the installer to see the status of the received signal at the transmitter. Whatever the application, More information. BX Shield — Outdoor boundary detector The BX Shield is a series of curtain outdoor motion sensors with up to 12m detection range on each side.

Siting the r r Addendum: Cameras for Capturing License Plate – Traffic Monitoring System Deployment Application Notes Abstract Traffic monitoring systems are currently being deployed in many advanced surveillance installations.

This is the technology behind capturing images from a video source at one end of the circuit and transmitting it through. Just follow oprex simple steps described below. Totally Wireless Video Security has been effective but cost and complexity has limited catalogud.

Optex is known as one of the cztalogue s leading manufacturers of high performance infrared detectors that are reliable and affordable, but for many Optex is a new name in CCTV even though we have been producing Event-Driven CCTV products for many years.


Endless possibilities for video surveillance. Each false alarm was costing them and the total bill was enormous. However, front covers in black and silver are also available providing the customers multiple combination options. Optsx video surveillance market is growing constantly, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology.

Their rugged construction and five-year warranty ensure that these detectors will provide long and dependable service.

Central stations can verify that an alarm has been triggered by an intruder and is not a false activation.

See our latest news. They come in a vandalproof housing with More information. Ophex addition the unique anti-frost design allows for trouble-free operation when the cover is completely frosted over.

Start display at page:. VX Shield – Wide angle outdoor detector The Shield series adds a clever and versatile design to the established technical performance. The other major components of Home Alarm Systems are as. The rugged construction and reliable operation of Redwall products make them ideal for use as motion detectors in CCTV applications. The left and right detection area can be set up completely independently from each other. Towers can be fitted with heaters and thermostats and an optional anti-climb top tamper cap is available to detect attempts by intruders to climb over the tower.

Whatever the power option, the new wireless beams have been designed to ease maintenance: Regulations for fair participants. Introduction For More information. The extruded aluminium frame and use of acrylic materials ensure that the housings will remain attractive over their installed lifetime. Control Panel 2 Associated Equipment B. Software and Security Features But these products are only as good as the alarm inputs they receive.

By choosing the right mix of base More information. RN4 systems feature four high power transmitters and four receivers. Since motion detectors are so flexible and have so many uses, they offer More information. However, neither the authors nor Cooper Security Limited.

To further increase security their height and direction can be disguised by installing them inside the AX-BT beam tower. Axis Thermal Network Cameras High-quality detection in dark and challenging conditions Axis Thermal Network Cameras High-quality detection in dark and challenging conditions Everything you expect from thermal cameras, except the price tag.


Welcome. Welcome to the new Optex Event-Driven CCTV catalogue.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. With dual photobeams both beam paths need to be blocked simultaneously. SL-TNR – outdoor battery-powered active beam The SL-TNR offers a cost-effective and versatile solution to protect a perimeter line up to 60m long, where cabling is an issue or inconvenient.

We simply replaced the external detectors they were using with Optex detectors and the false alarms disappeared. They even sent people into the protected area when the alarm was set to make sure that the system was working, which it was. High-Definition Video from one solid-state system.

Our products are the most reliable on the market, they.

Leading Sensor Technologies Manufacturer | Optex Europe

Reliable detection is at the opttex of Event-Driven CCTV because only then can the user rest assured that when an alarm activates it is an intruder – not a false activation. Our products are the most reliable on the market, they More information. The beams are particularly useful in providing coverage for windows, doors and roller shutter doors and can be used to activate lights, CCTV or an intruder alarm system before a break-in occurs, minimising damage to property and risk to personnel optexx site.

Frequently the vast majority of these show nothing of any interest at all. Redwall The Redwall brand comprises the following ranges of products: To design a system, optx decide where the towers are to be positioned and measure the distance between these points. Commercial Series Motion Detectors Detection delivered. SM 2 normally 1 year Copyright by SecurityMan v2.

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