Everything you know about mousing is wrong Okay, maybe not wrong, but probably not complete either. Bought two of the Pro 2 models but only one worked correctly. Simply adjust the risers to find the most comfortable position. Innovative mouse replacement A completely new but straightforward and comfortable way to replace a mouse or any other pointing device in office applications. Maintenance free The rollerbar’s low friction Teflon-coated bearings give you a consistent, smooth and light cursor movement.

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The action of a RollerMouse is difficult to describe, but easy to do.

Toggle navigation Main Menu. Combined, these movements give you as much control over your pointer as you enjoy with a regular mouse. This review was made using rillermouse complimentary sample from Contour Design.

Contour RollerMouse Free2 Even Better than the Original

Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American engi-nerd. At each end of the rollerbar track, there is a lightly spring-loaded switch. The RollerMouse pictured and described in this article in the Free2, successor to the original Free, which replaced the Classic model.

The pointer speed, or DPI setting, is also switchable through a hardware control, much like the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. Bought two of the Pro 2 models but only one worked correctly.

I hope you too weave in a bit of ergo into your lives. The only thing I found to require a bit of practice is clicking with the rollerbar itself, rather than with the provided click buttons. Be the first to leave a rollerrmouse. Both of these settings are adjustable using controls on the mouse itself, without the need for any special software.


Contour RollerMouse Station, Classic : KBC-RM : The Keyboard Company

This placement allows you to center the board, and at the same time reduces the amount of distance your hands must trek daily to reach the mouse.

As a person with serious thumb troubles myself, I might well end up using my left hand to finger the wheel in the long term. I think this is a problem with hardware driver incompatibilities. Seems like the company has struggled with driver support.

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Contour RollerMouse Station, Classic

Features Number of buttons: Rollremouse Mouse Mouse Pads Rests. Toggle navigation Product Types. The Contour Roller Mouse is a beige wrist rest with an integrated central ‘bar’ pointing device.

Two-handing the rollerbar does more than boost the self-esteem of your other hand; it actually halves the effort of clicking, and also lets you steady the rollerbar with one hand while applying pressure with the other. Description RollerMouse Classic2 is our original and most basic model. RollerMouse Pro or Free? There is another, slightly-less-costly version of the RollerMouse called the Pro2.


Rm-pro2-blk RollerMouse Pro2 Mouse Contour Design RMPRO2BLK | eBay

Everything you know about mousing is wrong Okay, maybe not wrong, but probably not complete either. There are two things about the RollerMouse action that users are likely to adjust: In addition to the RollerMouse, the box contains an array of accessory feet for elevating thinner classif to match.

It is based on our groundbreaking ergonomic mouse alternative first introduced in This central position eliminates tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck. When the bar hits the fence at one end or the other, the switch sends a signal to move the mouse pointer all the way to that side of the screen.

If you find wrists bending back while resting on the RollerMouse, you should consider raising your work surface slightly or trading in for the thicker RollerMouse Pro2, which is designed to work better with drop-level surfaces. A push button on top of the unit cycles through five levels of precision.

Optical motion detector The optical sensor detects rollerbar movement.