It may be applied by the user. Yes, Digitrax detection and signaling will work with any DCC system. You can still ramp the speed up and down with the throttle and listen to how the sound responds, but the motor won’t move the locomotive. Accessory items that are not covered under the No Worries Warranty carry a 90 day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The PR3 Xtra is a bundle including the PR3 and the PS14 power supply, please go to the one of the following pages for support you need:

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Do this at your own risk! Digitrax provides an application to apply the firmware update; the software package runs under Microsoft Operating Systems, and this is the strongly recommended way to apply the PR3 firmware update.

Just fill out the form and return your items directly to Digitrax for repair. Basically it comes down to whether the LED is on more than it is off when it is blinking as opposed to winking. September 27, DCC Guy. Our ears are very sensitive to sound interruptions so, the capacitor on your sound decoder will prevent most of these drop outs on average quality track.

The steam decoder has 8 steam locomotives in both articulated and non-articulated configurations and selections of whistles and bells. Occasionally running the update twice or Using the Diitrax Programming Track To use the PR3 programming track, connect the PR3 to its power supply and to a dedicated piece of track which you’ll use as the programming track.


Click Save at the bottom of the preferences window, quit the program and restart. The SE8c is a signal driver for your layout. When used with Digitrax SFX decoders, “neutral mode” allows you to vary the speed without the motor moving the decoder, so you can hear how the locomotive sound reacts to varying speeds. Below is a photograph of the actual pg3 connections required for SoundFX programming.

JMRI Hardware Support – Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

Join The Digitrax User Group. I also programmed the same features using ops mode with the Sprog3 in command station configuration.

I then tested each as a stand alone programmer by reading the decoder type, addresses, CV29, and lights pane on the DN93FX, and the type, basic pane CV29, addresses, dgitraxand the sound pane horn, bell, prime mover, throttle type, etc.

Make sure to follow the instructions exactly, particularly about the order of installing the drivers and plugging in the device.

Other combinations of hardware and software such as Windows 98 may also work, but are not supported by Digitrax, and have not been tested to operate properly.

Hardware Support: Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

Connect the function leads that are to be used from the 7 conductor Track and Function wire set. Always make sure you are using the latest version of DigiIPL to update your hardware. It will not work with DecoderPro.

This command station includes an integrated PR3 device. Installation consists of three steps: So if you have been dealing with runaway locomotives, lost decoder programming, and fried decoders stay tuned for more.


Just wondering if i can get clarification regarding using the PR3 as a standalone Loconet Terminator.

First, MRC offers the Sounder series of decoders in both steam and diesel configurations. You will need detection devices to identify the presence of trains, a computer interface such as the PR3, a computer program supplying the signaling logic and the SE8c driving the signal heads themselves.

To use the PR3 programming track, connect the PR3 to its power supply and to a dedicated piece of track which you’ll use as the dugitrax track.

Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3) – Product Support

If the failure happens during the PR3 firmware update process, it is possible that the PR3 might require factory repair. The appropriate update files and instructions are available from the “Download” page on the Digitrax web site. We suggest using a utility called USBDeview for digiteax purpose.

This method is considerably slower. I am currently working on a series of videos on using DecoderPro and hope to have the first one ready this week. Follow Us On Twitter!

You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout.