organ charged with the management, organisation and supervision of elections and referendum in Cameroon. Fréquence Elecam du 08 décembre Officials of Cameroon’s Elections body, ELECAM, and other stakeholders in the electoral process, have been schooled on their different roles in. OK! ranking of the most expensive movies acted in #Cameroon in Mine: 54 Billion XAF movie titled #PresidentialElections featuring #CC and #ELECAM.

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A rift between a faction loyal to the board chair and another firmly behind the Director General could plunge the electoral board in confusion ahead of crucial elections later this year. Elecam power tussle could jeopardize elections Published on African Union – AU weh deh observe elections say deh no get results from Anglophone regions but say deh check say de result bi positive. Cameroon Counts Votes in Presidential Election.

The tussle had been eldcam within the corridors of Elecam for the past months but came to lamp light at the weekend when board members held a meeting in Yaounde to pass a vote of no confidence to the Director General Abdoulaye Babale, accusing him of mismanaging human and financial resources. E add say some Anglophones weh deh run from some regions no bi fit vote because de de law say deh only get to vote where they registered.

Also, BeretaNews weh na pro-separatist website claim say Maurice Kamto for CRM say e win elections and say na only useless camdroun bodi fit change election for favour president Biya. However, his assessment of the polls is in contradiction to some of the events elecxm took place in some of the polling stations especially in the English-speaking parts of the country.

Cameroon This Story is breaking, please check back for updates. The other candidates to be present on the ballot paper include: You may also like. Pipo di judge how di process deh go. Many have been tipping Abdoulaye Babale to swept away from the house since he published first figures fameroun Senatorial results on the night of the polls only to be pressured to publish contradicting figures less than 24 hours later.


But di ruling People’s Democratic Movement party don accuse Kamto say im dey break law unto say di election bodi never announce result. Accident in Yaounde leaves three dead Cameroon: Before e make im victory claim, Cameroon Minister Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji warn say anyman weh e elfcam results wey no come from constitutional council go face de law.

By using this website, you agree with our use of cookies to improve its performance and enhance your user experience. Cametoun comes out eleccam top in this latest soap at Elecam, the real battle however lies on the field especially in the two English-speaking regions where violence could pose a big threat to the conduct of the elections.

Cameroon Counts Votes in Presidential Election

Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren. Businessman Desmund Abefuh, from the English-speaking town of Bamenda, says he voted despite the threat, and is anxious to know the results. But for wen we see say out of de normal polling units for Northwest deh reduce’am for 79 polling units because of insecurity, and pipo no get means for komot from one village go vote for anoda.

Cameroon is counting votes after Sunday’s presidential election, which officials and African Union observers described as largely successful.

Arthene Kwessi Selaeodai Ahooney-zena, head of the AU observer mission, says no major incidents were observed that could influence the results, even though there were reports of fighting in the restive English-speaking regions. A hidden camera was equally discovered in the Mbengwi polling station forcing accusations and elefam accusations form both sets of councillors from the opposition and ruling party.

Incumbent Paul Biya is seeking to extend his 36 years in power by a fresh seven-year mandate.

Cameroon’s ELECAM clears Biya, eight others for October 7 polls

The Day in Photos. The meeting presided over by the President of the of the Board of Directors of Elecam, Enow Abrams Egbe falls in line with the electoral code which requires Elecam elefam meet cameron every fifteen days till the election takes place.


All eight of his opposition challengers either avoided the two English-speaking regions or were chased out. He says the AU did not send observers to those regions, but monitored from a distance.

More info in our Cookies policy page. VOA Newscasts Latest program. Analysts hold this tussle between the Board Chair and the Director General might seriously jeopardise the organisation of elections in the country given that its has created two camps within the organisation.

With security high in Cameroon’s English-speaking northwest and cametoun, the separatists were unable to carry out their threat. Democratic Republic Of Congo. Cameroon Africa and World Did Atanga Nji usurp Elecam? He blamed the situation on administrative bottlenecks and hitches which he inherited from his predecessor but promised them their situation will be normalized before the elections.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary wey be di kontri tok-tok pesin say make pipo no believe wetin Kamto tok as na di constitutional council be di only authority wey fit give result.

Tori be say one of Cameroon opposition presidential candidate Maurice Kamto on Monday evening claim say na him win Sunday election. Korea admits farming failures amid food shortages Cameorun clashes were recorded at cameronu Bangem polling station in the Kupe Manenguba Division on Sunday though no voter was harmed, according to local security sources.

Despite threats from separatists, Biya’s party campaigned in the northwest over the weekend under heavy security.

Home United States U. From the same country. The October 7 vote is camfroun as a stern test for the incumbent who has often won elections with huge margins.

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