You could use it to test the stability of a light source over time. Thresholds are often supplied by system manufacturers and depend on the system deployed. The MaxTester MAX boasts a 7-inch touchscreen, the largest and most user-friendly display in the industry to simplify tasks for the technician. It is potentially harmful in direct intrabeam viewing. Press to activate each available source in turn, including the VFL.

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Optical Loss T est Set. The Recall indicator is displayed with the last cable name, then the last saved value and its f;m-600 ID. For Sale By Owner. Transportation damage can occur from improper handling. Many beeps, unstable optical Power too low to power and blinking Auto or recognize Auto mode modulation indicator.

EXFO FPM Power Meter – Comtec Direct

Specifications are guaranteed for calibrated wavelengths only. If necessary, perform an offset nulling see Fppm-600 Electrical Offsets on page It has been evaluated according to applicable North American approved standards for product safety for use in Canada and the United States.


It transmits with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, so that any compatible unit—such as another FOT Optical Loss Test Set—can automatically use the proper calibration parameters.

When using this source with the FPM power meter. If the detector is dusty, blow dry with compressed air. Page 50 Page 51 7 Maintenance This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Gently wipe the connector and ferrule.

The product is safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions of operation but it may be hazardous if you use optics within a diverging or collimated beam.

Page 65 Troubleshooting Transportation Transportation Maintain a temperature range within specifications when transporting the unit. No more taking turns doing the things. Clean the ferrule in the connector port as follows: Repeat the procedure for each wavelength you want to reference if you use auto-switching mode, the power meter automatically references wavelengths one at a time. Post an ad like this for FREE! You will save and recall this data according to cable names and fiber numbers.

This reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error.

Complete old 24 volt battery pack, in working condition, free with turbine combination. Validity of specifications depends on operating conditions. The power meter behavior is totally determined by the source.


EXFO FPM-600 Power Meter with memory

Correctly place protective cap on detector port, then retry. Edit the correction factor as follows: Press to activate each available source in turn, including the VFL. Offset nulling values are always returned to factory settings. EXFO shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper usage or unauthorized modification of the product, its accompanying accessories and software.

Press to switch between available source wavelengths and select one.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Connect a fiber between the source and power meter of same unit.

Select the cable in which you want to delete saved data by using and to move forward or backward. From normal operating mode, press SRC. Thresholds are often supplied by system manufacturers and depend on the system deployed.