I saw a lot of codes, but I don’t know how to use it. So I have no other choice but to shutdown by pressing the power buttong for seconds. Can someone assist me? I plugged it and here it goes. I’ll wait for the config file in the forum you provided. Now, if any of you finds out the reason why this works this way, please explain it to me.

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If you want to use opendns Home About Me Contact Me. It opens all the files in a folder.

Unlock ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem Totally Free via Firmware Upgrade Process

Just wondering if anybody knows how to make it work with Hardy. The ZTE has an exe file to execute the interface of Globe Visibility and I started this thread to know if there’s anything that we can do about this Uwi kasi ako sa probinsiya this friday and I’ll need it. I got hardy and I found some info here: It will take me hours to research on this thing again. I really love xte it.

Kasi nung inexecute siya, ang haba ng lumabas and it’s quite hard to copy paste the result. For those who want to use Globe Visibility with OpenDns, I finally figured out the setting to make it work. Why won’t it work with a memory card then?


I saw a lot of codes, but I don’t know how to use it. When I plug in the usb modem, I see the Network Connection Icon upper right corner of the screen blinking and has a rotation icon.

And you can connection it!

I can state that my E was always in ‘green led’ sssslllloooowwwww internet connection! I inserted a memory card in the card reader so that the “safely remove hardware” would appear.

Thank you so much. I’m pretty amazed and would really make it as my primary OS. Step 4 and onwards, as follows: Got crossover now bro: Was able to post this using the above configuration. I got the driver from the link below. Bus Device Jf626 plugged it and here it goes.

After changing the gkobe you can now connect to Globe Visibility. Can you please provide me some guideline to do this?

Globe Visibility [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I use O2 mobile broadband on pay as you go with the huawei E, it works a charm but keeps jumping from a network to another, making the connection wobbly at times, anyone got around this yet? The problem begins when you cannot find the “Safely Remove Hardware” on your task bar.


So try to download the Connection Manager from some other telco mf62 that distributes MF too.

Somehow, it is the ZTE dude. Try using these settings: What is this code for? Now, that worked for me. If anybody knows, please show us step by step. There’s a workaround, if you have a windows pc setup your usb modem there and lock the settings to use 3G Only, not 3G preferred. I’m using globe broadband tattoo i think it’s huawei e and it sometimes work with kde-network-manager but most of the times i’m using wvdial to connect I’ve browsed the different USB properties and found zet the following differences: