Sometimes referred to as the Chinese Bible, Quotations Of Chairman Mao (Mao Zhu Xi Yu Lu) was first published on a very restricted basis in. Mao – Het rode boekje () I am interested in politics; I still think communism is a better system than capitalism. I hate it when people tell. Editions for Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung: X (Paperback published in Het Rode Boekje: Citaten uit het werk van Mao (Paperback).

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Name on half-title; else fine The famous “Little Red Book. Third Edition, Hardcover Imitation Leather. It is bekje duty of the cadres and the Party to serve the people. Views Read Edit View history. It often happens that the masses outstrip us and are eager to advance a step and that nevertheless our comrades fail to roee as leaders of the masses and tail behind certain backward elements, reflecting their views and, moreover, mistaking them for those of the broad masses.

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However, because the goal of Chinese communism is just, and reactionary interests are self-centered and unjust, after struggle, they will be revealed to be much less dangerous than they were earlier perceived to be. Tailism in any type of work is also wrong, because in falling below the level of political consciousness of the masses and violating the principle of leading the masses forward it reflects the disease of dilatoriness.

Socialism must be developed in China, and the route toward such an end is a democratic revolution, which will enable socialist and communist consolidation over a length of time. We should help them to proceed from these things to an understanding of the higher tasks which we have put forward, the tasks of the revolutionary war, so that they will support the revolution and spread it throughout the country, respond to our political appeals and fight to the end for victory in the revolution.

Our congress should call upon the whole Party to be vigilant and to see that no comrade at any post is divorced from the masses. Versand-Antiquariat Bebuquin Professional seller.


Criticism is a part of the Marxist dialectical method which is central to Party improvement; as such, communists must not fear it, but engage in it openly. Or to stand in their way and oppose them?

Mao Zedong (1893–1976)

Whether the masses understand it and are ready to take action can be discovered only by going into their midst and making investigations. Basic strategic points for war against the Kuomintang are also enumerated.

From his works Main page Picture gallery 3 Rating statistics If you like Daten zu Leben und Werk. Basic points of military conduct are also enumerated. Stain to the spine and ,ao edges.

An army that is cherished and respected by the people, and vice versa, is a nearly invincible force. This is page 8 Boekme page – Next page. Every revolutionary party and every revolutionary comrade will be put to the test, to be accepted or rejected as they decide. Previous owner’s initials on front free endpaper; else about fine. R’lyehThursday, December 26, at 05am.

Education must have a practical and political basis for the army, Party and cadres. Fine The famous “Little Red Book. The same limitless creative energy of the masses is also visible in the army, in their fighting style and indomitable will.

Various editions are popular with some collectors, and rare and unusual printings command extremely high prices. Edges very slightly spotted or marked. Second Edition, Hardcover Imitation Leather. Lorrin Wong, Bookseller Professional seller. The book’s popularity may be because it hett essentially an unofficial requirement for every Chinese citizen to own, to read, and to carry it at all times during the latter half of Mao’s rule, especially during the Cultural Revolution.

Sobre la Dictadura… 1 copy Skrifter i utvalg 1 copy. Twenty-four years of experience tell us that the right task, policy and style of work invariably conform with the demands of the masses at a given time and place and invariably strengthen our ties with the masses, and the wrong task, policy and style of work invariably disagree with the demands of the masses at a given time and place and invariably alienate us from the masses.

We should discuss them, mwo and carry out decisions and check up on the results. The masses are the rdoe heroes, while we ourselves are often childish and ignorant, and without this understanding, it is impossible to acquire even the most rudimentary knowledge.


Dust Jacket has chunks missing, but is otherwise intact, with both flaps. Mao Zedong Todestag gangleri. Objective analysis of problems based on empirical results is at a premium. We have always maintained that the revolution must rely on the masses of the people, on everybody’s taking a hand, and have opposed relying merely on a few persons issuing orders. Those who can only follow the old routine in a revolutionary period are utterly incapable of seeing this enthusiasm. We should go to the masses and learn from hwt, synthesize their experience into better, articulated principles and methods, then do propaganda among the masses, and call upon them to put these principles and methods into practice so as to solve their problems and help them achieve liberation and happiness.

Minor wear at extremities; else a very good set Extra shipping for this set.

Mao Zedong | LibraryThing

If we did boeekje advance when the masses demand advance, that would be Right opportunism. China’s masses are the greatest conceivable weapon for fighting against Japanese imperialism and domestic reactionaries. Good to very good copy in orig. One reason is that, whatever they do, they are always reluctant to explain it to the people they lead and that they do not understand why or how to give play to the initiative and creative energy of boskje they lead.

We should give this movement active, enthusiastic and boekjf leadership, and not drag it back by one means or another. Democracy and honesty play roles in the reform of the army, as well as in the life of the Party, and of cadres. It is the responsibility of all to cultivate themselves, and study Marxism—Leninism deeply.

Cadresthe instrument for uniting with and working for the people, must be leaders versed in Marxist—Leninism.

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