Otherwise, it may be a good idea to hover the club above the ball at address instead of setting the club down behind the ball it as you normally would. Chris, Thank you for the interest in the site and your feedback. You make a confident, aggressive swing down through the ball, you look up — and you can’t find the ball. Every golfer has been there. A long backswing is the cause of many problems on the golf course, so finding a way to shorten your overall motion should lead to great results. Problem – When hitting wood shots off the tee, the ball hits the top of the golf club and shoots up into the sky producing no distance and accuracy.

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Specifically, the reason that it can be so difficult to adjust the length of your swing is that your timing will be affected.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

Using long clubs such as a driver or a fairway wood command that you use a flatter swing, in contrast to a very steep one. This is a problem that you will need to solve in order to sttop your ball around the course with confidence from the first tee to the last green.

When you control the position of your right knee, you will be limiting the amount of shoulder turn you can etop away from the ball. As a rule, the perfect tee height depends on the depth of the club face. With such a small margin of error available to you, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you sky a few drives from time to time.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

When you get back home, use the ‘winning’ tee as a guide to mark up a bunch of other tees in your bag with a line at the appropriate tee height. If you believe that your driver sying are being caused by teeing the ball too high, you should be able to fix this problem pretty quickly and easily. As you adjust the length of your backswing, those timing mechanisms are going to be affected. Here is a tip I did on it: In connection to the ball sitting up in the rough situation presented sying, failing to keep your upper body angle constant throughout the swing can lead to sky shots.


Hi Paul…thanks for the eye opening tip about the head moving forward. The great thing about working on tightening up your backswing is that this improvement won’t just help you stop skying the driver — it will help your game across the board.

Think of your right knee in the backswing as starting a chain reaction. If you are fighting a long swing, and you are skying your driver as a result, it is a good idea to focus some practice time on tp your right knee is working in the swing.

This is the only reason. Even if you don’t realize it currently, the timing of your swing is something that you have gotten used to over the years.

Failing to maintain your spine angle — swing error. To see their head move, just take a ruler or other object while watch a video of their swing off their left ear at set up.

This will allow you to load onto the back leg with the majority of your weight. Paul’s golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. It hw important that you don’t allow yourself to get too frustrated after hitting a pop up or two on the course.

How To Stop Skying The Ball

So glad I joined up! While the golfer may not realize it a golf sitting high in a fluffy lie will be quite higher than it would be if it were found in the middle of the fairway.


September 17, Paul Wilson Log in to Reply. Your hitting down on the ball — and skyng shot issues — may be caused by a simple ball positioning issue.

The idea is simple — you are going to make a pretend practice swing while trying to get your right foot to come off the ground in the follow through. You don’t want to be now things in your swing that don’t need to be changed in the first place, so placing blame on the correct part of your technique is crucially important.

Where did it go? A competing guideline states that the very bottom of the ball should square off against the top edge of the driver. This tip has cured my over the top.

The following scenarios can explain why a sky shot occurred and may help you pinpoint the specific cause. Great day when I got rid of it. Instead, you want to focus on limiting the amount that your right knee moves back, while making sure it doesn’t move to the right at all. The golfers you see on TV almost always wind up well-balanced over their left leg as they watch the ball sail through the air, and you should be aiming for the same kind of finish.

Skying the ball when it is sitting up in the rough is akin to hitting a shot fat.