Only perform this operation if you are adding Drive Types to the library. The following table identifies tape capacities to use when entering a Drive Type or Media Type in the database: Tapes currently tracked by DIVArchive that are missing from the audit will have their status updated to externalized. The hardware id of this driver is ScsiArray; this string has to match your hardware. Based on disk capacity 5. You may also like. Scalar i3 i6 and AEL6 Left.

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You must not send commands to a Robot Manager using either of these utilities under any circumstances when the DIVArchive Manager is running. Some tape drives and media are extremely fast but typically have less storage than their larger capacity and slower counterparts. Other Set ID numbers are typically used to distinguish between different types of media, but could be used to create restricted pools of tapes for particular applications.

The drive will not be used for any operations.

LSM List This area lists all of the available drives and the tapes in the drive. This setting introduces a qrray physical delay in list operations. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.

Bothe servers are DL G5. But the important thing is that the changer is detected in the device manger.


Confirm that all other check boxes are deselected. Additional information related to the use of the Optical Drives and Discs includes the following:. This is particularly true when shared among multiple hosts in a SAN based environment. The MPIO is installed.

If you leave this value set to 0the timeout period used by the Robot Manager is 10 minutes. Creating Devicd Sets When a new tape is entered into a library, or DIVArchive clears a tape of its objects whether all objects on that tape have been deleted, migrated to another tape, or moved to another tape after a tape repackthe tape is released back to the Unused Tapes Sets pool.

You click the Write-protect button to write-protect a drive.

Configuring DIVArchive Robot Managers

HDDs, wie oben beschrieben. You may be asked to provide the log files when contacting Oracle Support. Table Tape Block size Definitions.

The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. When you open Device manger.

I appreciate the information. The group concept in combination with the Set ID enables optimal use of tape resources. If the setting is 5the initial delay is five seconds and then doubled after each retry. HP Surestore e CA.

EMC Community Network – DECN: ADIC Scalar i2K & Legato Networker – Config / modules required

A tape library will be reported as a Medium Changer Peripheraland the Identifier for each corresponding device reported should match the model number of the library itself for example, SL You mention storage node, can you explain exactly what a storage deviec is?


If the library is offline when the service is started, the Robot Manager does not automatically reconnect after the library comes online. The Add new row in Robot Managers dialog box is displayed. We are a team of experts who are flexible, attentive, and responsive. Is my first time dealing with a SAN configuration, so I’m stuck Seagate Scorpion 40 DDS IBM Spectrum Protect supports sharing a library between multiple servers.

Driver for Microsoft Generic SCSI Array Device – downloading and installing it

DVD Jukeboxes do not provide this functionality. Don’t forgot to close out this Thread and thanks for assigning Points! Kompatibel mit Quantum Scalar i If a Drive Type is not currently in the database, you will be prompted to enter it.