Software DVD is accelerated through a high-precision hardware-based motion compensation algorithm. Coming from a futuristic world of expensive simulations, Real3D was a spun off by Lockheed Martin and targeting growing civilian market. What more, I’ve found the compatibility is quite low, and older games with enforced AA usually end up unrecognizable. Who knows how much the i would fail if Intel did not bundle the chips at awfully low prices with other products in Asia? Intel has the resources to beat S3 on those terms and they have the performance”.

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Only few i cards made it into wild, making them super rare. Very sad, but compatibility with old games is good enough. Project Auburn should change that- in i572, it should have been the unique feature to trump the rest.

However the Intel abandoned texturing from local memory and can only use AGP memory. Without inntel feature Starfighter PCI performs admirably, but of course the result ought to be discarded.

The AGP Texture concept soon proved to be a tremendous error in design, because the card had to constantly access the textures over a channel that was upwards of eight times slower than RAM placed on the graphics card itself. Peter Glaskowsky noted that “Very few of the manufacturers have the access to the [manufacturing plants] that Intel does, S3 could be the big loser here–it doesn’t sell to the performance market.


The Pixel Precise Engine includes new features as a 16 tap anisotropic filter, emboss bump mapping, texture compression, and texture compositing. Quality of texture filtering is great just like many other operations.

Good for the card alone, but AGP memory is of course allocated in main memory. No, create an account now.

More programmable features of professional class Real3D products such as stenciling were dropped. The i and i cores were later used for the integrated graphics in the Intel and chipsets, respectively.

Dec 17, 4. In JanuaryLockheed Martin re-organized their divisions and formed Real3D in order to bring their 3D experience to the 7i52 market.

Perhaps with more time appropriate platform?

Intel i752 Graphics

It includes 2D graphics, 3D rendering and digital video acceleration. Nitel the end of the year it went largely unmentioned in benchmarks against newer 3D products, already forgotten. Intel purchased the whole company in July and put their 2d expertise into good use. IntelIntel Extreme Graphics. Its architecture consists of dedicated engines executing in parallel to deliver high performance 3d, 2d and video capabilities.

Quake 3 has little mercy for old 3d chips. Log in or Sign up.



Texture chroma and color key match are supported and ingel pass trilinear filtering was heralded, but I could not produce such a thing even without mipmapping. Crucial partner was Real3D with three decades of experience from space and military 3d graphics. Dec 18, 8.

But at the time the divide between arcade cabinets and home intell was still large. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Despite all the image quality praise I have some doubts about subpixel accuracy of i Intel no longer hosts i drivers, and advises owners of ibased cards to use the drivers. Intel alos offered other products for graphics workstations like RapidCAD but these were just DX with crippled integer performance.

Intel Architecture Day.

When i AGP failed to reach high end expectations some reviewers blamed the AGP texturing for slowing down actually powerful accelerator. Yeah, it was just integrated graphics. Texturing supports power of two rectangular texture sizes up to x