Introduction to Jain Tattva. Nature of True God. Importance of Philosophical Knowledge. Different Methods of Interpreting Jain Scriptures. Type: Jain Vidya Course for freshers; Stream: Hindi/English; Duration: Every 6 center; Reference Book: Jain Tatva Vidya Khand-1,History of Jain Parampara’s. JAIN TATVA VIDYA EXAMINATION. was held by Teyup, Valsad. on. 01st September Posted 13th October by Vipul Jain. Location.

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He never declares which place he will jzin in next, although people attempt to estimate his next move. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Digambara monk Aryika Kshullak Pattavali Acharya. Retrieved from ” https: Good conduct is the fruit of knowledge.

SadalgaBelgaum districtJajn. Disciples PramansagarSudhasagarKshamasagarGuptisagar. Daily Weekly English Hindi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recent Comments Mangal Bahnshali on Anubhava! He was elevated to the Acharya status in That is why, for the aspirants, striving tatca attaining the goal of moksha, great men while explaining the importance of knowledge and conduct have said that through knowledge and conduct only for human beings attainment of moksha is possible.


Knowledge and conduct | Tattva Gyan

He is known for his long hours in meditation. Acharya Vidyasagar, a prominent Digambara monk.

A documentary named ‘Vidyoday’ has release in November 25, by Landmark Films. As a traditional Digambara Jain monk, he never stays in a single place for more than a few days, except for the four months of the rainy season chaturmas. While he was born in Karnataka and took diksha in Rajasthan, he generally spends much of his time in the Bundelkhand region where he is credited with having caused a revival in educational and religious activities.

Part of a series on. Acharya Pushadantasagar, the guru of Tarun Sagar was initiated as a kshullak by Acharya Vidyasagar, although he took muni diksha from Acharya Vimal Sagar. Explore Jainism Jain Books.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Through knowledge and conduct only, one can get moksha liberation.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. In spare time, he also used to paint. Did you tqtva it? Views Read Edit View history.

files.jain.us.com – /shrish/4.books/

Dainik Bhaskar in Hindi. If we get enough knowledge of the right path to be pursued then faith would also be born. Acharya Vidyasagar has been a source of inspiration to the people for starting institutions for the welfare of living beings at different places.


If after acquisition of knowledge it is not utilized in action, then the intelligent man is as good as not being there. Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri InAmerican ambassador Kenneth Juster paid a visit to Acharya Vidyasagar Ji and has assured Acharya Ji for keeping a full vegetarian diet one day a week.

Jain Tattva Vidya : Acharya Tulsi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

His father Mallappa, mother Shrimati, and two sisters tatvs diksha and joined the sangha of Acharya Dharmasagar. The Times of India. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. He belongs to the tradition established by Acharya Shantisagar.

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