A loud and ugly sound that is definitely not for me. Your review title You must enter a title. If you hit it below the center of the face, it’s a low launcher. Feels light in the hands during swing and consistent, straight hits. I o wn 4 of these and change shafts and lofts based on the conditions. My latest purchase,is a Cobra L5V Driver. L5V is a great driver, very similar to the L4V without the weird “ping” that club made when hit.

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Cobra L5V Driver Review

A loud and ugly sound that is definitely not for me. Write ocbra Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

This allows golfers to straighten out their trajectory or have the option to encourage a draw when required. Your review title You must enter a title. Our only reservation with the L5V was the distinctive sound at impact that we found very loud — due to a combination of the club head dimensions and the carbon composite body — and was not to our taste. If kint got a favorite shaft it’s pretty easy to put the adapter on and experiment. Cobra won’t sell extra hosel inserts; this is the only drawback.

You could throw any swing at this and the ball still sailed long and straight so impressive is its forgiveness. Know I live in Arizona and can play every day weather permitting.


Added a few yards to my driving, but better than that, keeping the ball in play! We have great golf here almost all year long but when the wind blows a high trajectory launch is not desireable.

Replaced the prior model L4V, which I had ming for 3 years. I am a 39 year odl male and know with the extra 20 to 30 yards I keep up with the youngsters. Bought this second hand but club looked as new. If cobfa hit it middle or just above center, it takes off, goes forever and runs with it hits the ground.

If the sound really bothers you, there’s a weight plug in the back that you can remov e and then fill with a few ripped up cotton balls.

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Forgiving is very safe to say on this driver and distance is Holy Cow. The MOI is around so it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits. However, the new king cobra L5V is a huge improvement in the looks department and early testing suggests it has even more available power.

Hits long and straight. I have found that the bold claims which Cobra make completely untrue in my case. I have been utterly unimpressed by the driver. Aimed at all players the L5V comes in a range of lofts from 8.


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My latest purchase,is a Cobra L5V Driver. The Cobra L5V is an excellent addition to the premium driver market and the performance combined with great looks certainly justifies the investment required. The X Speed Shaft for top layers comes with the 8.

However, in the short grass and out of trouble is better. Sits well clbra tee, and feels good in hand. Another integral factor is the wide range of shaft options which cobra offer as standard, this allows any type of golfer to be suited for the perfect shaft, which should produce better results. Strengths — Great options with the adjustability, wide range of shafts available, nice looking. I never leave any comments t I had to tell people how happy I am.

What does this have to do with the L5v. I have used the Cobra Speed LD for the last several years.

When I first hit it there were people ducking for cover as xobra thought somebody had opened fire. Th e only complaint I had was when I moved to New Mexico. On the course it works a dream.