La Finta Giardiniera is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it was first performed in La Finta Giardiniera, ‘the disguised gardener’, is the Countess Onesti. Misc. Notes, Original images: cadpi, grayscale djvu files approx. by pixels. Editing: re-sampled to dpi, converted to black and white tif files. La finta giardiniera: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Early maturity: to write an opera buffa, La finta giardiniera (“The Feigned Gardener Girl”), for the Munich.

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In fact if you stand at the side of the stage, the wings, you can can’t be fooled for a moment.

La finta giardiniera | opera by Mozart |

After scorning Ramiro’s affections yet again, Arminda leaves. Sandrina enters, terrified by the dark and imagining all sorts of horrors. Jozart a brilliant job, but you need to have nerves of steel to consider it. In the 18th century the audience would have chattered through a lot of the show and listened to the ‘big’ numbers. Ramiro has also wandered in from a serious opera.

In fintw performance of La finta giardiniera the instruments have an 18th century sound: However, all opera, whether comic or serious, works in the same way.

La finta giardiniera – Teatro alla Scala

The work also gives us a look at the humanity and humour the composer brings to his characters, which he will continue to do in his masterpieces to come. Arranger Friedrich Hermann Schneiderpiano reduction. Its probably more important to think about her disguise as being a change of name.


The Count approaches Sandrina but she again denies him. The Act 1 set looks solid though of course it is just plywood but the Act II set looks curiously flimsy His heart is broken and, when the Podesta suggests he finds another girl, he breaks into a furious aria.

Every city had an opera house, just as it had a cathedral, a town hall and a palace. No longer delusional, the Count and Sandrina awaken after having slept a discreet distance from one another “Dove mai son? She explains that she is not Violante, but that those were the Marchioness’s dying words.

La finta giardiniera – La finta giard…

Arminda is quick to let him know that she is someone to be reckoned with “Si promette facilmente”but the Count is not deterred. The wigs are made of thousands of strands of real hair, carefully sewn on to a fine mesh fijta the Glyndebourne wig department, and are re-styled before every performance.

Rudolf Bamberger as R. Out of jealousy, Arminda has Sandrina abandoned in the nearby forest. After that the whole thing starts collapsing: Don Anchise, Arminda, Ramiro and Serpetta are all being devoured by intense jealousy.

Operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Serpetta, Nardo and the Mayor appear from nowhere and the act ends with everyone bewildered, angry, and singing at the top of their voices.


Once everything is in place — costumes, sets and wigs — the show has to be lit. Bring some binoculars to the show and look carefully at the set. Where do they come from? Fortunately she recovers and, calling herself Sandrina, goes into hiding at the house of the local Mayor.

Javascript is required for this feature. Giuseppe Petrosellini — attrib. Mozart did so, but Sandrina is a complex character. As night falls, so will the masks, and the misunderstandings will fall away as three marriages are celebrated.

Arranger Hugo Ulrich So Mozart was bound to be drawn to the theatre but, more than the cash and the glamour, he wanted to giafdiniera opera because he loved it. Gestures In the course of the evening the gestures begin to disappear as Sandrina and Belfiore stop pretending and learn to love each other again. The singers are accompanied by an orchestra: That makes her a soprano.

The Set Up

Singing Opera is about singing. The story follows Count Belfiore and the Marchioness Violante Onesti, who were lovers before Belfiore stabbed Violante in a fit of rage.

The Italians had invented opera back in and it had swept Europe.

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