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I also bought a book in Spain a while ago and i’m now re-reading it. It surprises me that ‘fiddler’, which is associated with folk music, has no equivalent in Spanish. Meanwhile, the Fiddler’s Fart debate.

Loads of stuff I’m not sure about, but then I forget to make a note of it, or jot it on ,a piece of paper and lose it.

Edith, you’ve convinced me. I’ve got an idea about some of them: Right now I’m reading ‘Senderos de libertad – la lucha por la defensa de la selva’ by Javier Moro, a journalist from Spain.

I’ve finished Exploradores del mar by Clive Cussler and, despite my initial reservations, found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable narrative of his work with shipwrecks – especially those of the Civil War.


Great book, but you will finish it in a day. Book finished – assisted by another delayed flight to Heathrow 45 minutes circling above the only fog in the UK: There, I hope that’s made you happy. He also did “Lo es”, the follow up book. Does anyone have a simple way of knowing when it’s a and not de in these and others in earlier posts conditions?

Sophie Kinsella

Any suggestions for good authors – you’ve seen the sort of stuff I like – not necessarily Spanish authors. Debes ir a acostarte.

No, can’t help you. It’s about Chico Mendes and his struggle to save the Brazilian rainforest. Voldemort, estuviera donde estuviese, hiciera lo que hiciese, estaba de muy mal humor wherever he was, whatever he was doing I suppose: Fairly straightforward I suppose, however, my translation went something like: Orden de estos animales.

Read mummy-fairy-and-me

Right, “le” is an indirect object. As for writing style, when it’s been translated does it depend on the style of the translator? Don’t forget your wellies and cada out for those sheep.: It didn’t take long to get through. I think he was on a loser whatever he picked.

By the way, I use Mozilla and, has been already documented, struggled with accented words. They are in Word Ref: D And there’s me thinking Cada had taught you something!

The last few of hers that I’ve read have left me cold. It’s about time I provided an update.


I suppose it’s a step up as I will not have seen a film first for this one.: Mario Vargas Llosa’s Spanish is a lot more difficult, but the subjects he writes about are often very interesting if you are interested in politics, history and faraway dee.

Nothing to do with badgers, I suppose: To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

La Reina De La Casa by Sophie Kinsella 8498381754 0000 Paperback

I started on rekna cheap 90ptas bolsillibros and quickly progressed to proper novels. Any particular ones you can recommend?

I always pronounced Snape the Spanish way – esnape: I can’t discern whether it is well written or a trashy novel but some of the turns of phrase have made me smile.

Numerical order where possible. It’s all bloody ridiculous anyway, kids flying around on broomsticks; it makes Lost look like reality TV You’ll find the answers as you read on through the series, but never thought I’d put ‘contains Sophje Potter spoilers’ anywhere – in my life yes.

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